ASK Cathy

1. What is “Publishing Myopia”?

Also know as “shiny object syndrome”, Publishing Myopia happens when an author gets so excited about becoming a “published author” they lose sight of their priorities. Authors who fall prey to Publishing Myopia get caught up in completing the book, rather than maintaining a level of excellence . . . which ultimately undermines their brand. It becomes more important to be called a “published author” than to produce a high-quality book.

Never let budget be the excuse for publishing a less-than-optimal product. What I have found, is that every time an author cuts corners and hires their publishing team based upon price vs. experience, they get burned . . .

  • They end up spending more $ in the long run than if they had hired professionals in the first place
  • Their book shouts “self-published” and subliminally turns potential readers away
  • Their overall sales suffer . . . no matter HOW MUCH marketing they do
  • Readers who buy their book end up walking away with a tainted opinion of the author’s brand, and rarely send referrals their way

Save your brand and avoid Publishing Myopia by working with publishing professionals who come highly recommended and know what they are doing.


2. How does publishing a book affect my brand and my marketing?

Branding is WHY you do what you do.
Marketing is HOW you get your message out there.

Your brand is . . .

  • the core-essence of who you are and what you stand for
  • the foundation of all your VISUAL, VERBAL and VIRTUAL marketing messages
  • much more than the basic essentials of logo, business card, website and social media

A published book now takes the place of the old, 3-panel brochure.

It “tells your story” of who, what, when, how, why you do what you do. Having a published book is a great way to expand your brand when you take the time to produce a quality book. If you are an entrepreneur or serviced professional in the business of helping others improve their lives, having a professionally published book solidifies your brand and becomes a great marketing tool for several reasons:

  • Builds credibility
  • Instills perceived value
  • Grows your tribe
  • Identifies your niche
  • Increases recognition
  • Develops JV partners

If your intent is to reflect a high-quality brand, then your book better be a high-quality production. If you cut corners just to be able to say you are a published author, it sends the message that you cut corners with your clients.

To learn more about industry standards for a professionally published book, check out this free download from the IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association) HERE.