The following recordings are from the 2017,  2018, and 2019 Lunch & Learn Webinar Series. Enjoy!

Interview with George Sirois, "Audio Books", 5/23/19

Interview with Rebecca Hall Gruyter, "Amazon Bestseller Campaigns", 4/25/19

Interview with Bernie Frazier and Stephanie Paasch, marketing best-practices, 3/28/19

Conversation with Creative Writing Coach, Pam Wilson, 2/28/19

Conversation with Illustrator, Peg McClure, 11/29/18

Question and Answer with Cathy and Jack Davis, 10/25/18

Interview with Amy Collins of New Shelves Books, 9/27/18

Crowd Funding Your Book with Carol Scott, 8/23/18

Media Strategies for Authors with Sue Canfield of Ausoma.com, 6/21/18

Online Courses for Authors with Julie Hood, 5/24/18

Navigating the Digital Marketing World with Danelle Brown, 4/26/18

How to Work with a Book Designer, Jack Davis 3/22/18

Magnetize Your Message, Cathy Davis 2/22/18

Ghost Writing, Lisbeth Tanz 1/18/18

Digital Marketing for Authors, Will Hanke 12/14/17

Writing Coach Angelique L'Amour 11/16/17

Promoting Your Message, Interview with Joanne McCall, 10/19/2017

Writing Your Manuscript, Interview with Kim Pearson, 8/17/2017

(apologies - there maybe a few minutes of silence at the very beginning. We do start talking, really.)

Planning Your Publishing Project. Interview with Janica Smith, PublishingSmith, 6/22/17

Pondering Publishing? Interview with Jen Lee, Divine Feminine Leaders, 5/25/17

(apologies - missing the first couple minutes)