Author Spotlight: L. Carol Scott, PhD

Just Be Your S.E.L.F.

I originally met Carol a few years ago at a networking event, and we soon found out we had much in common! We knew a lot of the same people, followed a lot of the same causes, and we both loved helping others.

Carol’s new book, “Just Be Your S.E.L.F.” is a testament to her life mission of helping us all grow into the self-fulfilled, ultimate “ME” we can each be!

Do you have a S.E.L.F.?

If you’re not yet Self-governed, Ego-aware, Leading in your life, and Free of self-imposed barriers, then it’s past time! The developmental journey of your earliest years offered you the chance at seven gifts—emotional and social capacities essential for healthy adult relationships. Yet, many of us leave those valuable gifts behind. If your friendships, romances, and family ties are full of drama, pain, or distance, it may be time for some “developmental do-overs.”

As you retrace those first seven years now, you will find that the raw ores of these 7 Childhood Treasures—and your S.E.L.F.—still lie waiting for you to uncover them.

  • Learn how to trust, who to trust, and for what
  • Separate loved ones’ words and actions from your painful story about them
  • Let go of drama that is not about you
  • Be a leader of your own life, with the ultimate freedom of embracing your choice, power, and responsibility for who you are

Even if you had pretty-good parents, who weren’t alcoholics or drug addicts, didn’t beat or berate you, and supported you in many ways, you may still struggle in relationships as an adult. The first seven years of childhood are full of potholes and pitfalls for new, young parents who are, usually, stumbling through those years, nearly-blind. Small wonder that even well-intentioned and loving parents create accidental damage in the most high-impact relationships they will ever have – with their young children.

Whether your parents traumatized or supported you, you may find that today’s relationships with them, or with your adult children, siblings, partner, friends, and coworkers are strained by silence, fighting, fear, or similar stresses. When you’re ready to release these struggles, it’s time to embrace the untapped potential in these connections with friends and loved ones. Retrace the original developmental plan for your early years and start living today as your Self-governed, Ego-Aware, Leading, Free S.E.L.F.!

Carol’s book is available via AMAZON.COM and everywhere books are sold.

You can reach Carol through her WEBSITE.


Your Author Brand Connection

Branding, for a non-fiction author, is imperative. It is ALL ABOUT how you present your books and yourself as a writer, to the public. It’s what people think and believe about you. It’s what you stand for . . . as well as what you WON’T STAND for. It’s also all about building a tribe of people who think and feel the same way and want MORE of what you offer.

Why do I need a memorable Author Brand?


“A brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” — Jeff Bezos

If you are an independent or self-published author, YOU are in charge of your marketing and your reputation. Quite often this can lead to a traditional publisher finding you and making you an offer. We’ve seen it happen with one of our clients!

What three words do you use the most when describing what you do? These words quite often can become the foundation of your brand and will help attract people who want to hear MORE about what you have to say.


Branding is necessary if you’re serious about selling books. Even if you aren’t intentionally creating a “brand,” everything you say and do will leave a lasting impression with your current and prospective audience. It’s always better to take charge of your brand message up-front, vs. waiting until something negative happens and end up being in charge of cleaning up a bad situation.

Your professional brand will help you . . .

  • craft an identity that accurately represents who you are
  • be relatable to your audience and “accessible”
  • cultivate name recognition
  • strengthen your message and establish you within your area of expertise

How do I achieve a memorable Author Brand?

Start with knowing WHO you are and WHY you do what you do. Step up, speak up and be willing to stand out.

  • WHAT is your topic of expertise?
  • WHO are you and what makes you the expert in your field?
  • WHY do you write about your topic?
  • WHY should your reader want to know more?
  • WHAT solutions do you offer your reader?

Optimize your potential for Author Brand success with a succinct Visual, Verbal and Virtual brand identity.

  • Attract, retain and solidify your customer base
  • Create a distinct identity and market position
  • Project a professional, innovative image
  • Develop greater visibility for your business

Our clients love what they do and have built successful brands around helping others. If you are ready to take the next step in building your Author Brand Connection, give us a call, 888-598-0886.


Be the “Nudge” . . . Not the “Judge”

Now is the time, more than ever to let your light shine. Don’t hold back. Step up, step out and be the light. 


My entire life, I’ve been told, “You are SO creative!”

Which, as a high-schooler, soon led to me hiding my creativity, thinking I was “weird.” People (adults and other students) would ask, “Where do you get these ideas?” But, because it was so much a part of my DNA (and my age), I could not explain where it came from. It just “WAS!”

During my senior year of high school, just as I was starting to gain confidence, I had a new art teacher accuse me of letting someone else do one of my class projects. I was devastated. After running to the student counselor’s office in tears, I dropped out of his class and took a pass/fail grade rather than face his ineffectual abusive style of judgmental teaching ever again (apparently I’m still a bit “ticked” about the incident!). He tried to give me an “F” but the counselor intervened and I was able to get the grade changed to an “audited class” pass/fail. Me dropping the class was more about not feeling “heard” and encouraged, and less about being accused of falsifying a class project. I learned later that he got fired for having an affair with one of the students. THAT folks, is what I believe is called, “Karma.”


My high school counselor was always one of my cheerleaders.

She worked with me to find a college where I could thrive . . . she was my “Nudge.” She gave me the courage to believe I could thrive as a “creative” and learn to monetize my talents. I graduated 6 months early (December) from high school, and went directly to college. I finished that class project in college, my first semester (abstract sculpture, showing movement, out of wire and plaster), and received an “A!” THAT was the validation I needed!

Fast-forward 30-plus years, and I now find myself “coaching” clients, much like my high school counselor, and encouraging them to follow THEIR own passion. Many of our clients refer to me as their brand and/or publishing coach.

Actually, I see myself as the professional “Nudge.” I now use my creativity with a PURPOSE. I help YOU identify and monetize your passion. I offer validation that you are on the right track . . . and even help you find it. It’s what I LOVE doing.

Give me a call. It’s time to nudge a bit. It’s time to let YOUR creativity shine!

PS: THANK YOU to Gaping Void for the use of this image!


The greatest compliment we can receive is your repeat business.

Several of our clients are on their 3rdand 4thbooks with us.

“People are amazed when we tell them we are self-published. The books you design for us look like they have been produced by a traditional publisher!” 

The second greatest compliment we can receive is your referral to a new client!

Our goal is to keep GIVING more than what is expected, which keeps our clients happy, which in turn leads to more referrals!

“I loved what you did for Sara SO MUCH, I had to hire you to help me write my own book!”

SO, as our THANK YOU to our happy clients, we’ve decided to update the endorsements on our website, and we’d love to include YOURS (with a link to your website)!

Here is a sampling of a few of the endorsements currently scrolling on our home page:

“Thank you for being on the team . . . with much love and thanks!” Martha Beck

 “As a first-time author, and a novice self-publisher, I felt fortunate to have found Davis Creative.  Cathy and Jack Davis provided a thorough checklist of the materials I needed to provide and the steps I needed to take, patiently answered all my questions, set up my accounts with the vendors, and provided important strategic guidance that helped me optimize the book launch. Quality, experience, integrity, accessibility. If I do this again, I’ll want Cathy and Jack on my team again.”  Joe Castellano

“I’m truly thankful for your hard work, and help, in getting my book project off the ground, and in such an amazing and lovely way.” Tyron Barrington

“Working with Davis Creative was undoubtedly one of the best parts of writing and publishing my first book. Their insight, guidance, professionalism, and support vastly exceeded my expectations. I was thrilled with the quality and variety of the design options given to me.  I greatly appreciated their extensive knowledge and experience in this industry. They patiently led me through what can be a daunting and complicated process. The personal attention, timeliness, clarity, and outstanding customer service on top of the fantastic creativity and innovation make Davis Creative the best, in my book.”  Jill Farmer

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CreateSpace/KDP Transition #2

The topic-at-hand with Independent- and Self-Publishing for the last few weeks has centered around the transition from CreateSpace to KDP. Lots of information swirling around . . . SO MUCH that our clients are telling us they are confused about where to start.


We’ve spoken with the experts, and ran a few tests ourselves . . . coming up with a short-and-easy step-by-step process to help you move your files from CreateSpace to KDP.


If you are a past, current, or soon-to-be publishing client of ours, we are HERE TO HELP move your books from CreateSpace to KDP . . . AT NO COST TO YOU. 

Simply CLICK THIS LINK to download your FREE instructions!

If you are still confused, give us a call, 888-598-0886.

We create brands and publish books which connect people, awaken humanity, and transform the lives of the people we reach.

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September’s L.I.F.T. (Living In Faith & Trust) Author: Lacha Hughes

Our L.I.F.T. (Living In Faith & Trust) Author this month is Lacha Hughes, for her book, God’s GPS: Your Guide to Finding Your Path, Purpose, and Peace.”
I met Lacha through a mutual friend, and immediately noticed her contagious exuberance for life and for helping others. It was a joy to help her bring her vision to life through her book.
“Allowing GOD’s GPS to guide you on your journey is what this book is all about. No matter your age or what you’ve been through, God has a purpose in life for you. As you learn to turn on and activate your GPS (God’s Positioning System), God can more easily guide you along the path to your purpose, and steer you in the right direction. If you are feeling discouraged, or if things are not moving fast enough, just remember to Let Go and Let God be your GPS. As you learn to trust GOD’s GPS, you become closer to God, letting God be your headlight and sit in the driver seat with you. He knows the right speed limit, he is always on-time, and you begin to see your path more clearly.” ~ Lacha Hughes
A quick, but impactful read, “God’s GPS” is available through and everywhere books are sold.
MEET LACHA! If you are in the Kansas city area on September 22, 4-8pm, join Lacha for a book signing at Lufti’s: 3037 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64108. If you’d like to invite Lacha to visit with your community, you can reach out to Lacha HERE, or visit her website for further info.

What On Earth Are You Doing?

It was a simple question coming out of the mouth of a very frustrated Mom as she watched her 4-year-old hop-and-skip-and-dance around the other shoppers waiting in line to check out. Mom wanted her to settle down and behave . . . you know . . . “get in line” . . . look “well-trained.”

What the Mom missed seeing was the look of joy and delight on the faces of the rest of us waiting in line. We saw a lovely child learning to express herself, in full-out JOY. We were being entertained by a joyful expression of life. We were being reminded to take a pause and JUST HAVE SOME FUN. I did not see one face appear bothered by the dancing (other than the Mom).

The scenario could just have easily gone in the opposite direction with a screaming child, expressing full-out frustration, throwing a complete melt-down fit. Anyone who is a parent knows THAT routine.

SO . . . it got me to thinking . . . What on Earth AM I Doing?

Or perhaps I could be asking, “What on Earth am I BEING?”

How am I expressing my time here on Earth?

Am I having more JOYFUL or more MELT-DOWN moments?

Am I sharing JOY or FRUSTRATION?

I have to admit, I spend a lot of time working. Although I love what I do, and I love helping others find ways to express THEIR joy, I could probably use a few more checkmarks in my FUN column. Standing in line that day, I was reminded to go have some fun.

SO . . . What on Earth Are You doing?

How do YOU express and share your joy, your passion?

Our clients hire us to help them acknowledge their PASSION, align their PURPOSE and attract more PROFITS.

If you are ready to monetize your passion, give me a call (888-598-0886). We can make that happen.

CreateSpace/KDP Transition

If your book is on Amazon, you may have received the notices this week from Create Space about their transition with KDP and how it affects your book(s). If you have not yet read those emails, please find them and read them.

If you have not yet received any emails from CreateSpace about your books, you WILL, eventually. They are rolling out these changes so as to not overload their transfer system (the roll-out is not necessarily working very well).

In short, the CreateSpace world is going away, and all of your books will be transferring to KDP Print. KDP is a division of Amazon, and a few things will be changing. It’s not bad . . . just different (and a bit confusing).

Needless to say, things have gotten a bit crazy in the independent publishing arena, and we are having sporadic issues uploading ANY files into their system this week. Every mother and her 3rd and 4th brothers are rushing onto their CreateSpace Dashboard, causing their entire system to shut down. Our “code phrase” has become “expect additional delays.”

A few things to keep in mind:

  • We are in-process of moving our own published books into the new system this week. This will allow us to personally walk through the experience and familiarize ourselves with any potential hiccups or shortcuts.
  • We will keep you apprised of the process in our weekly e-news, which typically posts on Wednesdays.
  • If you are an author/client of ours, and your book is currently in-process with us, we will automatically take care of this transfer for you.
  • WE ARE HERE IF YOU NEED HELP. If you are not a client, or do not currently have a book in-process with us, we can still help. If you decide you want to hire us to guide you through this new process, please reach out to Cathy.

Here is a link to the CreateSpace/KDP info page. 

Here are two very good articles which may help you keep up with all of the changes (both include input from Amy Collins, whom we will be interviewing during our September 27th webcast — register HERE):

We are here to keep you informed and to
help make this transition easier for you.

Go Fly a Kite.

You know that feeling . . . when a song gets stuck in your head in a perpetual loop?

I don’t even recall where I would have heard this song recently, but there it was . . . straight from Mary Poppins!

Oh, oh, oh!
Let’s go fly a K.I.T.E.
Up to the highest height
Let’s go fly a K.I.T.E. and send it soaring
Up through the atmosphere
Up where the air is clear
Oh, let’s go fly a K.I.T.E.!

It got me to thinking about WHY this song was playing so loudly in my head . . . AND what was I supposed to be learning from this song? Rather than letting it drive me crazy, how could I use this in a positive way?
I started playing around with the acronym, “K.I.T.E.” — as it pertains to one’s personal and/or business mission, vision, and brand — and came up with . . .
  • K = KNOWING. That inner feeling I get when I absolutely, positively KNOW I need/want to be doing “XYZ”.
  • I = INTENTION. When I set my INTENTION, based upon my KNOWING, I move into ACCEPTANCE and AGREEMENT. When I set my INTENTION to move in a particular direction, it causes all other worldly forces to respond in kind.
  • T = TRUST. This is a BIG ONE for me. It means I have to acknowledge my human-ness and learn to TRUST that a higher power is paving a path for me. My only job is to LET GO and follow the breadcrumbs . . .
  • E = EXCITEMENT! It took me several decades to figure out it’s OK to show a bit of positive EXCITEMENT. The Universe responds to EXCITEMENT in a good way. How else does it know what I want? EXCITEMENT becomes the fuel for navigating the path . . . the more excited I am about my goals and ambitions, the faster the process seems to go! EXCITEMENT also allows me to release the outcome and let the Universe handle the details.
The “K.I.T.E.” (brand) I “send soaring” today becomes the foundation for all my tomorrows.
YES! We help you Define, Design and Deliver YOUR “K.I.T.E.” (your brand)!
Our clients — primarily life coaches, therapists, consultants and professional service providers — are involved in the transformation of lives, communities and the planet. They trust us to help them build their brand (their K.I.T.E.) so they, too, can “send it soaring!”

At Davis Creative, we create brands and publish books which connect people, awaken humanity, and make a positive impact on the lives of the people they reach. Contact Cathy to learn more.

The Adventures of Sparklepants: Moving Day!

Congratulations to our author client, Stephanie Paasch, for completing her first book in the Sparklepants Series!

“Sparklepants: Moving Day” is a fun-packed children’s picture book featuring Ellie Marie, Sparklepants (a VERY SPECIAL puppy), her Mommy, Daddy, brother Remmington and sister Alyssa on their big moving day adventure. This is the first time that Ellie Marie and Sparklepants have ever moved! It is exciting and a little bit scary too.

“Sparklepants: Moving Day” is the story about the day Ellie Marie, her puppy Sparklepants, and the whole family moved from the only house she had known as home. They learn what a Realtor is and that moving is a real adventure! Ellie Marie also learns that anyplace can feel like home when you are surrounded by people and a super special puppy who love you!

Ellie Marie’s Mommy and Daddy both have a few surprises in store to make the move as easy as possible. The super cool new bedroom that Ellie Marie gets to share with Sparklepants, the beautiful back yard and a dream house help make the move a bit easier! The Adventures of Sparklepants series is perfect for you if you enjoy going on adventures, arts and crafts, learning new words, playing dress-up, having tea parties!

If you are in the St. Louis metro area, you can find Stephanie and “Sparklepants: Moving Day” at these events:

  • Saturday, August 25, 10am – 5pm, The Arts & Literary Fest, Foundry Art Centre, 520 N. Main Center, St. Charles, MO  63301. Come see local Authors (including Stephanie) at the St Charles County Arts & Literary Fest at the Foundry. Free event!! Daniel Tiger will be there!

  • Saturday, September 15 at 11am – 12pm, Paint a Puppy and Meet the Author! Naturally Designed, LLC Fired Arts and Canvas, 461 Main Street, Troy, MO 63379. Each RSVP will include an autographed paperback copy of “Sparklepants: Moving Day” and a puppy to paint! If you haven’t been in Naturally Designed yet, you are missing out! Perfect opportunity to support both a local business and a local author! Please call 636-775-9006 to RSVP. Seating is limited so reserve your space today!

Be watching for upcoming adventures with Ellie Marie and Sparklepants!

To follow Stephanie and Sparklepants, you can connect with her on Facebook here.

You can purchase “Sparklepants: Moving Day” HERE.

If you, too, are a children’s book author (or you know someone who is), and would like to learn more about we help authors publish their books, reach out to for more info.

You can also join us for our FREE monthly Lunch & Learn, the “Author Brand Connection”. Register HERE, in advance, to receive the ZOOM link for August 23rd!