We Brand. We Design. We Publish.

Our clients follow their passion, love what they do,
and have built successful businesses around helping others.

They hire us in a variety of ways to help them grow their businesses . . .

  • Hourly — Great for an occasional graphic design project or last-minute brand consultation.
  • Per-project estimates — Perfect for once-yearly projects such as annual reports or special events.
  • Reduced-rate retainers — Clients save up to 25% when accessing reduced hourly rates for either a 6-month or 12-month period.
  • Programs and packages — Take a deeper dive and tap into even greater savings as you create a strong brand foundation.

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It’s not about how well your book sells . . .
it’s ALL about how well your book SELLS YOU!©

As Professional Author Consultants, our book designs rival those produced by the top five publishing houses. With hundreds of books in our portfolio to-date, we help you
retain 100% of your profits, access global distribution, and avoid self-publishing pitfalls. 

No matter where you are on your journey, our publishing consultants, writing coaches, editors and book designers are here to help you cross the finish line! 


Our Professional Author Consultants help you . . .

  • Establish your independent, self-publishing business structure
  • Set up your accounts with best-practice preferred vendors
  • Mentor you throughout the publishing process path: 
    • DIWY (Do It WITH You) or 
    • DIFY (Do It FOR You)

Our Professional Writing Coaches & Editors help you . . .

  • Identify your audience and topic 
  • Establish your author platform
  • Develop/complete your outline and chapter titles
  • Finish your manuscript with support and encouragement during private coaching sessions
  • Optimize your brand messaging

Our Professional Book Designers bring your book to life . . .

  • Book Cover Design
  • Book Interior Design
  • Color Palette
  • Font Selection
  • Image consultation
  • Illustrations, charts, graphs
  • Book Marketing Materials
  • E-Book Conversion Resources



“My manuscript is finished and has already been professionally edited!” 

READY 2 GO! Program for Aspiring Authors — Perfect for authors whose manuscript has already been through editing, and/or only want book design and/or online account set-up.

  • Industry-standard book size
  • Front and back cover design 
  • Select from up-to 3 best-practice cover designs
  • Use your art/photo or choose from a selection of photos & illustrations
  • Select from “best-practice” interior layout designs (incl. 2 rounds dev.)
  • Up to 12 author-supplied interior graphics, photos or pull-quotes ($5 each addt’l)
  • Layout & production up-to 300 pgs
  • 6 rounds of author revisions (up to 6 hours total)
  • One round of professional post-layout proofreading
  • Final print-ready art files uploaded to best-practice vendor
  • Digital files for e-book conversion
  • Kindle upload
  • Distribution via Amazon PLUS 40,000+ retail connections

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“I need help finishing (starting?) my manuscript!” 

READY, SET, PUBLISH! Program for Aspiring Authors — Complete your non-fiction book . . . with a little help from us! As Professional Author Consultants, our books rival those produced by the top five publishing houses. With over 200 books in our portfolio to-date, more are added each month, and we’d love to include YOURS!

Includes Ready 2 GO Program (above), PLUS up-to 20 hours with one of our professional writing coach/editors. Additional writing coach/editor hours are invoiced hourly, as needed.  Ghostwriting services are priced on an individual basis. 

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 "TO THE MOON" — MAXIMUM IMPACT BRAND, BOOK, SOCIAL MEDIA & WEBSITE  Select “all of the above” PLUS Social Media set-up, AND an optimized state-of the art WORDPRESS website for greater savings. Includes social media set-up and training, and WORDPRESS training.

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