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Planting Seeds

EXTERIOR GARDENING. My maternal grandmother taught me the annual Spring ritual of digging in the dirt (AKA: gardening). There’s something about cleaning out all the dead residual from last year, clearing space for the new buds to pop through the soil, and making room for the new flowers to join the bulbs.

INTERIOR GARDENING. We’ve also been doing the same at work . . . rearranging furniture and eliminating unnecessary items to create better “flow” for how WE move within the space, as well as how the WORK flows within the space. We’ve cleaned out files and cabinets, moved unused furniture to the basement, and donated five-plus boxes of books . . . allowing us to maximize the space and make room for all the new client work coming our way.

I even find myself consciously keeping my desk more clutter-free and organized. It never fails, whenever business starts to slow down, I pause, take a look at my desk, and start cleaning and organizing . . . and sure enough . . . we get busy again. Now, that’s not the ONLY reason, but it sure doesn’t hurt, and I always feel more “open and in control” with an organized desk.

So, this Spring finds me “setting the stage”, both in my yard and in my office, for great things to continue bursting forth.

What great expectations are you setting forth this Spring?

Project BE Confident

So many of our clients are building their businesses around their passion.

For Kim, that means building CONFIDENCE in young women — starting here, in metro St. Louis!

Kim lo resMeet Kim Bolourtchi — attorney, competitive Latin dancer, Zumba and dance instructor, and Mom of two (an 11 and a 13-year-old). When not working at the St. Louis law firm she co-founded with her husband, Kim is building her new business, “Project be Confident” by offering empowerment workshops around the metro St. Louis area for grades 3 thru 12 girls.

Project BE Confident is a unique (and FUN) girls’ empowerment program that changes lives. Girls who have attended are walking away feeling inspired, stronger, and a lot clearer in how to deliver credible, powerful messages. They are embracing their uniqueness and listening to their own voices. They are a lot clearer in how to respond in morally murky waters, and clearer about how to stand up for themselves and each other. They leave standing taller, smiling bigger, and projecting confidence.LogoFinal-PBC-SM

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication emphasizing non-verbal communication and public speaking, Kim started Project Be Confident to inspire, encourage and empower pre-teen through adult women to fearlessly BE Bold, BE Strong, BE Confident as they embrace:

  • Bold Communication
  • Strong Relationships
  • Confident Movement

Teen self esteem is at an all time low. Kim is doing something about it!

To learn more about Project Be Confident Summer Programs and schedules in the St. Louis Metro area, visit the website HERE.