“As a partner in a new company, Rockhound Boring Bits, LLC, our team had the beginnings of a logo and knew the target audience we were going after. I had written the business plan, but knew that I needed help to brand the company and products properly. I turned to Cathy for assistance. Cathy and I have known each other for several years and talked frequently at various networking events. I had heard many good things about her and her work. I called her and asked her for assistance in branding my company. After asking many questions and having me complete a comprehensive questionnaire, Cathy prepared several documents offering some great suggestions on what we could do. One we followed up on immediately and it has become a cornerstone of how we package our product. As we obtain more funds we will certainly engage Cathy to develop and help create a compelling brand look and message. She has my complete confidence and support. You can’t go wrong with her.” Chuck Lee, President, Intelliformance,  www.IntelliformanceSTL.com. Partner, Rockhound Boring Bits, LLC,  www.RockhoundBoring.com

“I found Cathy Davis easy to work with. She listens well, and comes up with great ideas, seemingly effortlessly. The way she presented the cost structure made it easy for us to do a portion of the project before committing to a large expense. As we worked with Cathy, we became more comfortable giving her more work. She so clearly understood our objectives and we could get to a final version without a lot of adjustment time.” Rebecca K. Olson, President/CEO, Webster Groves/Shrewsbury/Rock Hill Area Chamber of Commerce www.WebsterShrewsburyChamber.com

“I admire people who can create visuals that convey messages succinctly. Cathy Davis is one of the best I’ve ever seen. I suggested a theme to one of my clients, within a few days my client showed me what Cathy had created and it was amazing. If you’d like that WOW effect, give Cathy a call.” Dale Furtwengler, www.PricingForProfitBook.com

“Cathy understands how to get underneath what sits on the surface and really understand the landscape of a business (in our case, taking care of kids in need) and the story it needs to tell. She then distills it down to the most essential, salient components and creates messaging and creative that is powerful and enduring.” Kathryn Feldt, Chief Operating Officer, Marygrove,  www.MarygroveChildren.org

“I have worked with Cathy for more than 4 years. I appreciate her timeliness and talent at putting my ideas onto paper in a way that really pops! She is so easy to work with, and her turn around time cannot be beat. I was especially grateful when due to circumstances we had to alter a finished ad, she was very gracious and quickly produced the perfect ad for us. You can count on Cathy to respond to your needs.”
Deb Lavender, Des Peres Physical Therapy,  www.DesPeresPT.com

“When starting our new business, we found that we had numerous marketing needs, from business card and sign/logo design to overall branding assistance.  Davis Creative has been our ‘go to’ firm, providing reasonably priced, innovative and informative services for all of our marketing needs.” Melody E. Noel, Manager/CEO, NHB KnifeWorks, LLC,  www.NHBKnifeworks.com

“We are so fortunate to have your help in promoting the MVF events.  You are talented and a real pleasure to work with.  If you ever need a recommendation, just let me know. It’s easy to say nice things about your work.” Bob Cockrell, CPA, SVP, Montgomery Bank www.MontgomeryBank.com

“Cathy Davis is an amazingly creative talent. She is insightful and thoroughly understands marketing. She can create the ‘look’ you want and express your message even when you’re stuck describing it yourself. Cathy is easy going, patient, reliable and inspiring to work with. When I was indecisive and wavering on one point or another she always offered just the right solution. The designs she has created for me always get raves from clients and then the question…who is your designer? I highly recommend Cathy for top quality creative design and cutting edge marketing advice at reasonable rates.” Samantha Shields, Feng Shui Consultant www.SamanthaShields.com

“The process that Cathy used to help us create a visual brand and supporting marketing materials for a new event was terrific! She worked with key staff to define the look and feel of the event, really listening to our needs and wants. She then produced a design and revised it with our feedback to deliver a final product that we really loved. I would highly recommend Cathy and her team!” Marketing Coordinator, Trailnet www.Trailnet.org

“Working with Cathy on the creation of my logo and marketing materials was smooth—she was intuitive, guided me with on-target questions and was easy to work with.  I respect her integrity, follow-through and attention to detail.  I highly recommend her for any of your branding, graphic or creative needs.” Kelly Alcorn, Speaker, Consultant & Strategist www.linkedin.com/in/activationcoach

“I gave Cathy the task of converting a drawing I had done into a logo that could be used in multiple formats. Not only did she clean up and improve on the design I had but she did it a short period of time. Later when I discovered that we needed an additional format Cathy was right there to solve my problem. Now, that’s what I call customer service. Thank You Cathy!” Charolette McKinney, Owner China Painters Resale, www.China-Painters-Resale.myshopify.com

“I value my clients and will not refer them to just anyone…and when they need help with branding, logo development and marketing layouts, I often refer them to Cathy Davis.  She is easy to work with and helps clients to see the bigger picture of how their marketing can help them drive their business goals.”
Sue Spencer, Spencer Web Design www.SpencerWebDesign.com

“Cathy is an amazing designer and incredibly easy to work with.  She understands branding beyond just the basics and can put together a look that fits the communication style of your business.” Julie Hood, Internet Marketing Strategist, Finally Organized LLC www.TLCforYourWebsite.com

“Cathy and Jack are easy to work with; especially from a production standpoint. Their files are always ready to go, images fit and fonts are there, no wasting time, or redoing proofs — true professionals.” Norm Podorski, Stolze Printing Co www.stolze.com

“You don’t need me to tell you that you are creative and innovative! You understand my needs and price point. You are easy to work with our many changes and demands. You are a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend you to anyone…” Stefanie Kirkland, Exhibitions Coordinator, Craft Alliance www.CraftAlliance.org

“Besides being very creative, Cathy is such an amazing and caring person. When business was slowing down for my company, Cathy jumped in with her creative ideas and helped brainstorm ways to stimulate business. I am so appreciative for her initiative and giving spirit. She is a very capable business woman and a great friend.” Caryn Burstein www.CLBInteriors.com



“Working with Davis Creative was undoubtedly one of the best parts of writing and publishing my first book. Their insight, guidance, professionalism, and support vastly exceeded my expectations. I was thrilled with the quality and variety of the design options given to me.  I greatly appreciated their extensive knowledge and experience in this industry.  They patiently led me through what can be a daunting and complicated process. The personal attention, timeliness, clarity, and outstanding customer service on top of the fantastic creativity and innovation make Davis Creative the best, in my book.”
Jill Farmer, Coach/Speaker/Author, “There’s Not Enough Time: And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves”  www.JillFarmerCoaching.com

“I have worked on many books as an Author Consultant and Publishing Project Manager.  Cathy Davis of Davis Creative is one of my favorite book designers to work with.  I refer my clients to her with the utmost confidence. When she is part of the publishing team I know that the final results will not only fit the author’s vision but will portray the book as a quality project. I can always count on her professionalism and commitment to making the design of the book the best it can be.” Janica Smith, The Publishing Navigator, AdminiSmith Virtual Author’s Assistants, www.AdminiSmith.com

“If we had heard about Davis Creative sooner, perhaps it wouldn’t have taken us as long to get our book out. They guided us through the confusing process of self-publishing and created an attractive design for our book and website. They were very easy to work with, diligently kept us moving forward and returned calls and emails promptly.  Thank you, Cathy and Jack! Allison Hawk Collinger, Carla Freiman Feuer, www.TalkingaGoodGame.com

“Working with Cathy was truly a pleasure. Cathy’s experience, expertise and especially patience eased the overwhelming process of designing both the interior and cover of our book, especially since she had to contend with working with six authors. Cathy is a true professional, inventive with ideas but also takes great care when it comes to details.  Davis Creative is a true expert in book design and other graphic creations.”  Barbara Parsons, Gina McAndrew, Lee Knapp, Nicolle Carfagnini, Lauri Mitchell and Susan Cullen, Authors,”SIX FIGURES: Mixing Friendship & Business…Like a Good Martini” www.SixFiguresBook.com

“After a thorough initial discovery process of learning about my book and my marketing goals, Davis Creative offered several ideas for my cover — eventually urging me to use one of my own paintings for the background. I get so many compliments on the cover! Davis Creative is an integral part of the entire self-publishing process, and their knowledge, creativity and professionalism proved an invaluable asset to the final published book. I felt like they really cared about my book.” Jayne Gardner, Ph. D., The Gardner Institute,  www.GardnerInstitute.com

“Davis Creative did a beautiful job developing my publishing company logo and the interior design for my book Simple Living Simple Food.  They were easy to work with and I get lots of complements on the book and logo.  I would highly recommend working with Davis Creative.” Susan K. Younger, Author, Simple Living Simple Food,  www.SimpleLivingSimpleFood.com

“Cathy really got what I was trying to share with my book cover that she designed for me. She was the second book cover designer that I sought out and I’m glad I did because she was able to showcase me, and my message, clearly and beautifully. She also did an amazing (and quick) job at a tabletop sign I needed to go with my book when it launched. She stepped right up to the plate, last-minute, and saved my butt.” Katrina Sawa, The Jump-Start Your Biz Coach,  www.JumpstartYourMarketing.com

“Davis Creative helped me get my book out to the public. They were easy to work with and offered great ideas and timely turnaround. I would definitely use them again.” Jane Turlo, Author, “Ray D. Ology Lights the Way”, www.JaneTurlo.com

“The most important factor in self-publishing my book was having the right people to guide me. Cathy and Jack fit the bill perfectly. They possess the knowledge and skills not only to design a professional cover and make the manuscript print-ready, but also to explain any aspects of the publishing procedure that I did not understand. Just last week, an attorney called me to ask questions about self-publishing a book, and I simply referred her to Cathy and Jack.” Laura Froemling, author of How to Make Kids Smart & What to Demand of Schools www.HowToMakeKidsSmart.com

“Cathy helped turn my ideas into a reality. She’s creative, professional, and her turnaround time is quick!” Ellie S. Grossman, Author, “Mishegas of Motherhood” www.MishegasOfMotherhood.com. Speaker/Writer, Co-Director/ Producer, “Listen To Your Mother: St. Louis” www.ListenToYourMotherShow.com/stlouis

“I worked with Cathy Davis on a book project. Her creativity and graphic skills added real value to our project. I highly recommend Cathy Davis to anyone needing a solid blend of creativity and graphic design capability.” Tom Reilly, The guy who wrote the book on “Value Added Selling” www.TomReillyTraining.com