I’ve been in a “purge” mode this past month . . . cleaning out drawers, closets, rooms . . . all in an effort to declutter and get rid of anything which we no longer need or haven’t seen nor touched in years. It’s been similar to a treasure hunt . . . but in reverse. On the one hand, I’ve been tossing/recycling all things which no longer serve where we are in life, and yet, in doing so, I’m able to notice, reacquaint myself with, and KEEP the things I treasure.

One of the treasures I found recently was a “book report” I made in grade school (c. 1968), titled “Stepping Stones of the Pacific.” I found it in a small stationery box with some other “valuables.” I’m pretty certain it hasn’t seen daylight in 25 years. I guess I had a “thing” for making books, even way back then! Although I do not remember the assignment, it appears I made a “travel” book, with the first stop-over being Hawaii. The entire book was handwritten and hand-bound (remember those brass brads we used to use to hold papers together?!). I’m amazed it didn’t fall apart in my hands when I picked it up. Finding this book was very much a “full-circle” moment for me – you know, the kind they sing about in the Lion King, the “Circle of Life.” I guess books were always meant to be part of my life.

Occasionally I get asked, “How did you get so interested in books?”
I guess it’s always been in my blood. As a child, I remember dreaming about living in a castle which had a floor-to-ceiling library in one of the turrets. I can still see the room in my mind and the vast green countryside out the stone window. After college, I took jobs as they appeared – not really having a plan – but grateful that I was always able to work in an artistic, creative environment. Looking back, I learned a lot in each job I had – valuable communication, design, branding, and printing skills – and can clearly see the path which led to where I am now. Once I let go of the job/career I really did not like, all-the-more books just started showing up.

One of our clients recently called me the “Book Doula” . . . because I help people “birth” books. Not a bad destiny to have.

No matter where you are on your path to publishing . . . REACH OUT . . . I can help. And I promise to not recommend using brass brads to bind your book! (Do they even still make those?!)