We help experts find their voice, share their stories, and publish books that connect people, create community and foster compassionate conversations to bring us together  — no matter the diversity of our faith, race, nationality, politics, or gender.

We remove ourselves from people, projects, and situations that create division, isolation, and separation.

It’s really that simple.


Creative Publishing Consultant, Designer, Imagineer
#1 Amazon International Bestselling Author

Cathy believes we all have a story to tell and it is through our stories that we are able to find our voice, share our wisdom, and make a difference in the lives of others. Wisdom not shared is wisdom lost forever.
Books are in Cathy's DNA and have always played a big role in her life — from reading, writing, and making books in grade school using construction paper and brass brad closures — to her first job right out of college at a small-town printing company. With a short stint as a window-display designer for Macy’s, she later oversaw the marketing and window display for a midwest regional high-end bookstore. 

Moving to St Louis in the mid-1980s, Cathy spent
 the bulk of her career as a Designer and Creative Director of Corporate Communications for a global financial institution. Managing a team of 18 designers and print specialists, they supported the new business efforts of the Trust Division, providing custom sales presentation books for relationship Managers around the globe.

Cathy founded Davis Creative, LLC in January of 2004 after corporate downsizing. What originally began as a boutique creative services agency, is now known as a sought-after publishing industry leader, providing concierge publishing services for authors throughout the US and a handful of foreign countries.


Art Director, Book Designer, Typography King
Chief Cook and Dessert Chef, Superhero Aficionado

Cathy’s husband, Jack Davis, joined her in August of 2008, after almost 20 years as an Art Director at Fleishman-Hillard Public Relations.

Jack has a passion for rescuing our clients from "books gone wild" and his attention to detail serves as the Batman Beacon, making certain each book gets the custom attention it deserves.

“Style Sheets rule. Yada, yada (or is that "Yoda, Yoda?).” — Jack Davis


Barketing Director and Senior Security Sentry

Chewy joined Davis Creative in May of 2018 when he was rescued from the Greenville, IL / Bond County Humane Society. At less than 24-hours old, he, his Mom and his 3 litter mates were rescued from a hoarding situation, finding help and healing in safer hands.

His 20-pound perspective on life now comes with the double-joy of loving windows. The first joy being the advantage of a top-floor clear view of the neighborhood for monitoring the comings and goings of his neighborhood friends. The second joy being his excitement for the occasional road trip — more specifically — the joy of drive-through food windows. Did you know they actually HAND YOU FOOD!?



With Cathy and Jack each having worked in the global communications industry for over 30 years, the depth of their connections to other communications specialists runs deep. Davis Creative only hires people they know, like and trust — most of whom have actually worked with, or for, Cathy and/or Jack in their former careers.

The vetted tribe of professional ghostwriters, writing coaches, editors, proofreaders, designers, and illustrators hired to help with your book have all had successful careers prior to joining the creative community at Davis Creative — bringing decades of experience, expertise, and communications knowledge to help you bring your author brand and book to fruition.

As Professional Publishing Consultants, their team walks aspiring authors through the self-publishing process, offering guidance, options, and suggestions along the way  — sharing industry best-practices and helping them avoid self-publishing pitfalls.

Additional information about our services offered can be found on our SERVICES page.


Our RIPPLES . . . Our Core Beliefs . . .

At Davis Creative, our mission is to “create positive ripples”, and our purpose is to help YOU (our clients) help more people.

RESPECT: We value diversity, unique perspectives, and positive experiences.

INTEGRITY: We take responsibility and do the right thing.

PASSION: We love working with people who are passionate about their business and about helping others.

PROMISE: We keep our word and make a commitment to support our clients’ best interests.

LEGACY: We give. We give back. We use the power of publishing to help our clients grow their business and create a legacy.

EXCELLENCE: We believe “Good Design is Good Business”, and good design encourages an atmosphere of excellence.

SHARING: A peaceful world starts with sharing a single smile.

To learn more about how we can help you Find Your Voice, Share Your Story, and Make a Difference, contact Cathy.


Our Seven Seeds of Success are the foundation of our creative community.

If you are an expert who also wants to be a published author, you’ve landed in the right place!

We’d love to share our publishing expertise with you and have you join us.

Are you . . .

  1. Ready to be seen as the expert that you truly are?
  2. Pleasant, happy, and fun to work with?
  3. A Helper, Healer, or a How-to-Do-er?
  4. Determined to make a difference in the lives of others?
  5. Honest, ethical, and inspired to help others?
  6. Self-aware, self-reliant, and self-responsible?
  7. A proponent of inclusion, equality, and diversity?

IF SO . . . then, to quote Bob Barker (for the over-50 crowd) and Drew Carey (for the under-50 crowd) from The Price is Right, “COME ON DOWN”!

We can’t wait to share the power of publishing to help you fulfill your mission, share your message, and build your community.

Contact Cathy for more info.