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Engage with Experts - 3/4/21

Engage with Experts - Clever Challenges & Contests


The Power of the Tribe - 2/19/21

Catch the latest episode of The Power of the Tribe TV Show with publisher, Cathy Davis, as she discusses her life as a publisher as well as one of her recent anthologies, "Bright Spots: Motivation and Inspiration to Light Your Path in a Changing World”.

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Buzz on Book Biz - 12/15/20

My guest in this episode is Cathy Davis. She and her partner run Davis Creative Publishing in St. Louis, Missouri.  Cathy is also an international bestselling author, an international speaker and trainer.

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Bring Your Voice and Your Passion Into Your Purpose - 01/21/2021

Join us as Rebecca Hall Gruyter talks with two guests who are passionate about helping others find their voice: Cathy Davis and Abram Siegel-Rivers. Cathy’s passion is helping people share their stories while Abram brings out the best in people through music and art. Listen in as these two world changers share their vision and help you bring your unique story or gifting to a hurting world.

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Fall into Balance in Your Endeavors - 09/17/2020

How do you feel about taking risks? Pushing yourself to do a little bit more? In this episode, Rebecca talks with two enterprising women who took a risk to switch gears, leaving their corporate jobs to pursue their vision.

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The Power of Telling Your Story - 04/30/2020

Each one of us has a story to offer the world. Join us as Rebecca Hall Gruyter talks about the power of story with guests Bill Bloom and Cathy Davis.

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Build Forward Momentum in all your Pursuits - 02/06/2020

Join Rebecca Hall Gruyter as she talks about forward momentum with Cathy Davis and co-authors Wendy Benson & Bethy Myers. Cathy will tap into the idea of a story and how to creatively bring yours forwards. Wendy and Beth will share about their book and their passion to help families move forward through the challenges of the healthcare system.

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Bright Spots: Motivation and Inspiration - 11/23/2020

Join us as Rebecca Hall Gruyter talks with author, entrepreneur, and leader, Cathy Davis.

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BUILDING A BETTER BOOK BRAND, St. Louis Publisher's Association, ZOOM Workshop, 10/14/20

The one question we get asked the most is: “How do I sell more books?” The tricky part is that you need to ask this question before your book ever gets published. Building your Author Brand Platform is one of the most crucial steps in developing your non-fiction book, yet it usually gets skipped by most authors. In their eagerness to “get published” an author will fast-forward through editing, hire a book designer, and upload their book for publishing before they ever think about selling.

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Kim Hudson, FOX NEWS KTVI-2, St. Louis, interviews Cathy about our #1 International Bestseller, "Bright Spots", a compilation anthology with 40 authors from around the world offering motivation and inspiration during the pandemic.

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WINNER! DESIGN AND PRODUCTION of "Deep Living with the Enneagram: Recovering Your True Nature".

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One of the early trends of the pandemic was started by a Mom in Brooklyn, NY in response to the early days of social distancing. As a way to help her 4-year-old become more accustomed to not seeing her friends, the Mom would take her daughter on walks and they would search for rainbows.

The idea spread like wildfire across the US and eventually foreign countries . . . there was even a world map (using a GOOGLE program) where you could register your rainbow location in your neighborhood.

Motivated to help spread the rainbows for our youngest neighbors, we created a 10" rainbow across a span of 3 front windows. When we registered our rainbow, we uploaded a photo to their site, and eventually, GOOGLE noticed and asked permission to use it in one of their blogs!

The photo below shows Jack, alongside our dog, Chewy, looking out the upstairs windows at the "little friends" down on the sidewalk.

You can read the entire blog here.