Right When You Need It

I’m a big believer in receiving “messages” from the strangest of sources.

If I wake up with a song in my head, I make note of the words and take it as a serious message from the source . . . also perhaps called a guardian angel, ancestral guide, spirit, God, shoulder fairies, etc.

So, I was not too surprised when Dixie Cup sent ME a series of messages. Now, anyone can buy this set of bathroom Dixie Cups, but what determines if it is a TRUE message for ME is whether or not I even notice it!

I’ve been using this stack of Dixie Cups for at least a couple of months, but I really only NOTICED they were talking to ME this past weekend! Four weeks into the 2020 Covid-19 quarantine and I had hit my wall of mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion. As I reached for a cup of water while brushing my teeth (and silently lamenting my over-the-top to-do list), I read my cup, “YOU GOT THIS!”

The message I needed; right when I needed it.

Which of these resonate with YOU?


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Breakdown vs. Breakthrough

Our youngest grandson will be six years old in June. He is a picky eater, and the last time he visited (late February), I noticed he eats one food on his plate at a time. As he devoured his French Fries, I asked him about the other items and he declares, “It’s a process, Gigi!” Apparently, he has been asked this same question in the past.

When given a full plate of food, he has figured out to break it down to a process and work his way through it, one step at a time. He started with his French fries (who wouldn’t!?), followed by his corndog, leaving the celery sticks until the last. By starting with the food-group he likes the best (French Fries), he eventually makes his way around his plate to his least-liked food group (green stuff). His highly creative process allows him to break through the adult nudging (that’s the uncomfortable part for him), eat the food he likes most (first), and affords him the ability to eat in peace (mostly).

Much like the current state of chaos and confusion we all find ourselves trying to navigate, his chosen path works for him and allows him to achieve his own personal “breakthrough” for meal survival. It’s only through breakdown that we reach a breakthrough.

Where are you on the path
from Breakdown to Breakthrough?

No matter where you are with the Chaos, Clutter, and Confusion (be it with LIFE or publishing), reach out. I have plenty of client connections I can introduce you to . . . and we can definitely help you with the publishing part.

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I’m more than happy to share my client resources with personal introductions to life coaches, business coaches, psychotherapists, doctors, chiropractors, lawyers, accountants, and more!

You are NOT alone.



Embrace the New!

Our world is changing right before our eyes. Although it may seem like time is standing still as we wait for the Shelter in Place to be lifted, our planet keeps spinning, our hearts keep dreaming, and life goes on. How we live our life and react to history-in-motion is entirely up to each of us.

Are you following the latest F.A.D. of Fear, Anxiety, and Dread? . . . Or do you choose to embrace the new P.A.C.E. of Peace, Anticipation, Courage, and Excitement?

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Let your voice be heard!

Yes, it’s a crazy world we live in right now, and according to many experts, the businesses who will survive and be around when this chaos passes will be the ones who continue to communicate and let our followers know we are still here! Everyone and their Mother’s Brother is on social media right now, so getting heard can be quite the challenge.

Your voice and your power belong to you.
Just ask Horton, who heard a WHO . . .

Like the WHOs in Whoville, we need to be heard, we need to let others know WE ARE HERE! Our voice, our visibility, and message are more important now than ever before.


Be Consistent and Persistent with the 3 V’s and Stay Top-of-Mind:

  • VISUAL: Now is the time to make sure your visual brand message is consistent and professional; it’s important to look like you know what you are doing (especially when you do)!
  • VERBAL: Your written and verbal messaging must speak the same language and support your author/brand platform.
  • VIRTUAL: Your online image is the primary form of communication right now; make sure you are succinct, memorable, and professional.

We are here to help you look good, get noticed, and be heard. Take advantage of our . . .

  1. FREE 30-minute Maximum Impact Conversations. Connect to my calendar HERE to schedule time to talk and ask questions about self-publishing. Ask me anything. You do not need to be an existing client.
  2. FREE Pop-Up Publishing Q&A: Join us via ZOOM, every Tuesday, 11:30 am central, for Q&A. Bring questions, we’ll have answers! Register HERE.
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Let your voice be heard.

The triumphant element of Dr. Seuss’s “Horton Hears a Who” is that even the smallest among us has a voice that needs to be heard. Right now, our power is in our voice, and we need to be willing to be heard.

BE A WHO. Rise up and SHOUT! We need your wisdom and influence, and we are here to help you, no matter where you are on your self-publishing journey. It’s time to step out of the shadow of fear and step into the light of empowerment.

Let me know how we can help.

Please contact me if you have ANY questions or need help figuring out your next publishing step.

Together, we can do this!


We’ve got your back.

I love Spring. Clearing out the garden each year has always been very much a welcome, meditative practice for me . . . a process of cleaning out the old, dead leaves and making room for the new growth to sprout forth.

I look forward to digging in the dirt each Spring and “grounding” myself with Mother Earth. Especially this year, with everyone being quarantined and isolated, I can’t wait to get out and play in the flower beds around my home.

Perhaps the virus is part of the process of releasing the “old world” . . . releasing all those things that are not really working, but we just kept putting up with . . . like a half-broken toaster, a passive-aggressive client, or a bad habit.

As I look forward to the rebirth of the “new world” (post-virus), I’ve decided to plant some new SEEDS for myself . . .

  • S = Slow down, lighten up, let it go. Give myself some credit and give others the benefit of the doubt. It’s OK to be human.
  • E = Express gratitude daily (and often). Gratitude leads to more things to be grateful for.
  • E = “Everything is always working out for me” . . . say it whenever I feel stressed.
  • D = Don’t give up on my day-dream. This period is simply one chapter . . . not the whole book.
  • S = Support others and be of service whenever/wherever I can.

What SEEDS are you planting this Spring?

As we anxiously await the return to our new normal, I challenge you to let go of all that has not been working for you, nor supporting your “best” YOU. I’d love to hear about the SEEDS you are planting!

Nest, Nurture, and Ignite Compassion in Action

“There are those too gentle to live among wolves.”  — Alan Watts

. . . and those too generous of spirit to allow
the gentle among us to succumb to a virus.


It’s Time. We are here on this planet — at this particular time — for a definite reason.

“Houston, we have a situation.”

You see, there is a VIRUS among us. This VIOLENT, IRRATIONAL, RELENTLESS, UNDESIRABLE, SITUATION has developed into a global pandemonium with an outcome solely dependent upon our reaction to it. In the beginning, its impact was downplayed as “nothing to worry about” . . . “it will be gone before we know it.” Yet, this VIRUS has a rampant viral insensitivity, knows no boundaries, and takes all as prisoners. What started as the annoying sniffle we could once ignore and hide from, has now exploded into an uncontrollable beast, of which, even the highest counsel on the planet knows of no readily apparent cure. Yet.

It’s time for each of us to claim ownership of our contribution to the growth of this VIRUS — not just focus on survival. When we succumb to anger, isolation, and fear, the VIRUS grows. The answer is not to hide . . . the answer lies within you and me as we step up, speak up, and take back our power. The macro (planet) is only a reflection of the micro (you and me). We cannot wait for the “bigger brick” to hit us up-side the head. There is no bigger brick . . . the VIRUS is the frickin’ bigger brick.

NOW is the time to take back our power . . .

The VIRUS wants us to feel powerless and fearful — which only fuels its sense of grandeur and makes it feel more omnipotent. Many are feeling that so much in life is out of our control right now, yet this negative VIRUS is actually handing us the opportunity to focus on what we can control — ourselves and our reactions. When we turn our focus away from the VIRUS it begins to shrink, wither, and worry. When we turn IN-ward . . . inside our own mind, body, and spiritual connection . . . inside our closest circle of family, friends, and colleagues . . . we take back our power and find we no longer need this VIRUS. We do not need, nor want, to live in the shadow of fear.

You see, not only is NOW the time for us to nest and nurture, now is the time for each of us to ignite the flame of Compassion in Action within our global community. Take care of what you need to at home, then take care of your community. We all speak about compassion and we all say we want to help, but quite often we let other people do the work or we keep quiet so as to not “rock the boat!” This is not the time to sit back with a “wait and see” attitude. That party is over. What can we do?

  • What can we clean up, repair, or “fix” within our own sphere of influence, NOW?
  • What have we put on the back burner to “deal with later” that needs our attention, NOW?
  • Who needs us to reach out with our help (time, talent, treasure), NOW?
  • How can we extend a hand and be the “lift” someone else needs, right NOW?

We are at a crucial tipping point on this planet. Compassion in Action needs to happen now.

The planet needs you and me.

We need each other.

My guess is that you have probably already noticed the abundance of Helpers and Healers who have heard the call, identified their gift, and are offering their services — educators, trainers, speakers, motivational coaches, life coaches, business coaches, spiritual coaches, emotional intelligence coaches, health coaches, leadership coaches, relationship coaches, psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, doctors, and more (oh my!). You name it, and there is probably a coach for it. At first, this might seem intimidating (especially if you are in the same line of business), but perhaps it is a blessing.

I believe there is an invisible source for good at the helm, and this collection of Helpers and Healers is here, on purpose, at this specific time in history. These are the professionals who have gone through extensive training while inadvertently forming an invisible “safety net” in preparation to help the planet heal, transform, and thrive! There is an abundance of people who are/will be needing help, and we will each attract those who we are most qualified to help . . . this is our job, our purpose, our mission.

We are here as collaborators and partners. The strength of our safety net lies in our numbers and our ability to create strong connections.

It’s Time. We’ve been called to step up, find our voice, and be part of the solution.

Every aspect of our existence (environment, politics, health, race, religion, medical care, gender identification, immigration, relationships, business, finance, etc.) has been turned upside down, tossed into a gigantic jar of muddy water . . . shaken AND stirred . . .  and we ALL are now sitting on the universal planetary shelf, in a jar of muddy water, just waiting to see what the H#@L is going to happen next.

Muddy water.
Sitting still.
Gets clear.

As we sit and wait, the silt begins to settle, and we can more clearly see our next step.

That’s where WE come in.
WE are going to happen next.
WE are going to step up.

Many of you already have. Your passion and dedication to your work put you on the front-line of change! Your willingness to step up paves the way with courage and hope for the rest of us.

Don’t wait. Reach out. Extend a helping hand. Join the safety net.

  • Remember what it was like to just sit on your front porch and get to know your neighbors and ask what they need help with? Go do that.
  • Haven’t seen your neighbor across the street in a while? It’s time to check in and make sure everything is all right in their world.
  • If all you can muster right now is to watch, learn, and be a cheerleader for the rest of us, then please do that.

Then, when it’s time, GO VOTE.

We don’t need another brick-in-the-head VIRUS.

One of the common denominators I’ve noticed with our clients is that they all have big hearts and want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of others.

Each year, as a member of the Professional Women’s Alliance, Davis Creative offers our time, talent, and treasure in support of their annual fundraising gala, Derby Days, with proceeds going to both Lydia’s House and the PWA Scholarship Fund. Lydia’s House provides safe, transitional housing and hope for abused women and their children. The PWA Scholarship Fund provides one-time educational assistance ($500 – $5000) for those currently enrolled in classes, enrichment opportunities, or tech school.

This year, we will be donating a “Make Time for Yourself” basket of books (and other gifts) to be auctioned off, and we’d love to include your book! Last year’s basket sold at-auction for well over $100!

If you’d like to have your book included in this basket, all you need to do is mail me a copy of your book! Reach out to me HERE for the street address and we’ll save you space in the basket for your book! All books need to arrive by Friday, April 3rd!

Thank you in advance for your BIG HEART and contribution in support of this event. Your participation will MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of others!

“How do I price my book?”
is one of the most-asked questions we hear.

We all want to share our message with our audience, and we all want our audience to buy our books. Just PLEASE don’t plan your retirement around the sale of your book. Your book is a marketing tool used to sell YOU and your services — not an ATM.

The price you charge for your book is dependent upon the perceived V.A.L.U.E.

  • V = VISUAL IMPRESSION. Yes, you really can tell a book by its cover . . . and its interiors . . . and its content. Sub-quality books will reap sub-quality sales. Your book is quite often the very first impression someone has of you, and you want it to represent your brand — which is why you hire experienced, professional publishing consultants, editors, and designers. A professional, polished book will allow you to charge more for your book.
  • A = ALIGNMENT. Make sure your Brand Platform and your Author Platform are in alignment and make sense to your audience. This is where your Visual, Verbal, and Virtual messaging should mirror each other and “speak the same language.” Your book should reflect what you say on your website, in your social media posts, and what comes out of your mouth when networking. Consistent messaging is a commodity and supports your brand by establishing “expert” status. As an expert, you can charge more for your knowledge (and your book).
  • L = LEVERAGE. Leverage your knowledge about your target audience. Provide them useful or necessary information. What do they wake up in the middle of the night worried about? What is the relief they are seeking? Make sure you include this relief — these answers in your book. Offer the relief your audience seeks and you can charge more for your book.
  • U = USER-FRIENDLY. Use the “parts” of the book to your advantage. Studies show a potential buyer will first . . .
    1. be attracted by the front cover image and easy-to-read fonts
    2. if they want more info, they turn the book over and read the highlights on the back cover; including an endorsement on the back adds credibility
    3. if you still have their attention and they still want more info, they look for details in the Table of Contents

The easier you make it for the consumer to “get” your book, the more likely they will buy it. The easier you make it for the consumer to read your book, the more likely they will actually finish the book and recommend it to someone else.

  • E = EXPECTATIONS. People who read non-fiction books in your genre are typically aficionados (or wannabees) of your topic. They will most likely have other books by other authors on the same or similar topic. Do your research. Learn what size of book (actual footprint size as well as number of pages) is typical for your genre, and what price range those books sell for. Does your consumer prefer paperback, hardback, ebook, or audio? If you are offering MORE, or NEW, or BETTER, think about upping your price in comparison to other authors in your genre. Meet your consumer in their comfort zone and you’ll likely see book sales increase.

YOU HAVE INTRINSIC VALUE. Allow yourself to be the expert you truly are and be willing to price your book accordingly. Then go buy that Venti coffee and celebrate.

To learn more about our Concierge Publishing Services or to schedule a Maximum Impact phone call with Cathy, you can access her calendar HERE.

“I have Bill’s book . . . I didn’t know he self-published . . .
it looks like it came from Random House . . . YOU GUYS ARE GOOD!”

Your book is an integral part of your brand and if it comes across as “slapped together” overnight by wanna-be experts, your business will suffer. Just because your neighbor’s college sophomore is a Journalism major does not mean they can edit a book manuscript for mass public distribution. If the reader cannot easily sail through the first chapter, they will not finish the book, let alone recommend your book to anyone else!

ASK PROFESSIONALS FOR HELP: If you are in the process of self-publishing, and you want professional results, you need a team of experts to make that happen.

We are working with Author “Pat” who tells us, “Yes, my book has been professionally edited, and it is ready for layout. All I want is a proofreader to review the final layout to be sure the footnotes match the appendix, the captions match the photos and such.”

The layout is complete (with over 50 photos and captions) and we send a PDF of the book to one of our professional proofreaders.

300 edits later, “Pat” is paying us to edit the final layout, costing “Pat” twice as much as it would have to hire a professional editor in the first place.

(NOTE: please don’t ignore what a professional editor tells you and change everything back to the way you had it. We try very hard to keep your “author voice” intact while elevating your writing to a professional level. If you are targeting a professional audience, you want your writing to “speak their language.”)


It’s our job to make you look good and get noticed (in a good way).
YOUR job is to LET US make that happen.

For additional information about how we help authors, speakers, trainers, and other professionals make a great impression and NOT LOOK SELF-PUBLISHED, give me a shout! Our team LOVES helping you put the puzzle pieces together! You can EMAIL ME HERE.

If you know anything about me, you know my brain works in acronyms. More often than not, I’m in the audience at one of our author’s events as they are speaking to the crowd. My brain kicks into gear and starts culling their info into program titles for them to host as future webinars. It just happens. I have no clue how to stop it. I always come prepared with paper and pen to take notes of these random brain sparks to share with them after their talk.

So, as I’m standing in line at a local coffee shop the other day, I hear the couple behind me lamenting over the current political climate in the US. One is adamantly stating her position while the other continues to point out all the negative repercussions from her perspective. They are not arguing, but rather having a civil debate — both looking for an answer to a seemingly unsolvable problem. They agree with each other’s opinions, they agree something needs to be done, and they agree it’s time to take action and do SOMETHING to move things in a positive direction.

My “acronym brain” kicks into gear . . .

I realize they had both reached their Adamant Negative Turning-point (A.N.T.). They were fed up and motivated to take action. And sometimes, that’s what it takes. We have to find our A.N.T. in order to be motivated to want change.

Just like the trail of ants leading to the “sweet stuff” of crumbs under a table, A.N.T.s lead us into action, which leads us into finding a better way of doing things. The exciting part is that when we share our Adamant Negative Turning-point (A.N.T.), we find others who have similar A.N.T.s, and together we can change the world!

If, like many of our authors, you have lived through (and survived to tell!) your own A.N.T. story, perhaps it is time to share your knowledge and your wisdom.

After all, ants are known to move mountains!

To learn more about how we can help you find your voice, share your story, and make a difference in this world, contact Cathy.