As Professional Author Consultants and book designers, we’ve helped a long list of people — business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals, doctors, therapists, helpers and healers — publish hundreds of books over the past 15 years. We’ve learned a lot along the way, and although the industry sometimes feels like it changes daily, we’ve captured what we consider to be top 100+ of the most important ideas for optimizing your book marketing impact in 2019. Remember . . .

 “It’s not how well your book sells . . .
It’s all about how well your book sells you!”©

Promoting and marketing your book is a full-time job, and if you are serious about growing your business, your non-fiction book is a key marketing tool in promoting that growth. Do not be intimidated by the depth of the ideas contained in this document. You do not need to do EVERYTHING listed here in order to have a successful publishing and marketing experience with your book.

For ease in organization and discussion, our “Top 100+ Book Marketing Ideas” list is divided into three phases:

PRE-LAUNCH: Ideas to add to your TO-DO list BEFORE your book launch.
LAUNCH: Ideas to add to your TO-DO list DURING your book launch.
POST-LAUNCH: Ideas to add to your TO-DO list AFTER your book launch.

Many of the ideas mentioned in each phase are interchangeable. Start small, step outside of your comfort zone — pick one (or two) and JUMP IN!

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Research indicates that building one’s brand (personal or business) is NOT about telling everyone WHAT we do or how great we are . . . but rather about telling a story which paints a picture of WHY we do what we do. Kind of like seeing ourselves as entrepreneurial SUPER-heroes . . .

According to PIXAR , there are 22 rules for storytelling, based upon the simple formula of the “The Story Spine” created by professional playwright and improvisor Kenn Adams.


Be willing to build a SUPER Brand.

Sharing stories about how your work contributes to helping people or contributes to a broader movement creates connections and embeds you and your brand in the mind of those you meet. It’s how you build your SUPER Brand.

FOR EXAMPLE: Let’s say you are a bricklayer. Someone asks you what you do. You have three possible answers to this question:

  1. I lay bricks in a row.
  2. I stack bricks with mortar to build walls.
  3. I’m building a school so our children learn to love learning. (HINT: this one makes you a SUPERHERO!)

Who wants to hear more about STORY #3?! . . . this option will spark interest and lead to more conversation!

Share Your SUPER Story.

Sharing a SUPER story builds stronger relationships. When you have strong relationships with people (family, friends, clients, prospects, etc.), they are more likely to share their G.I.F.T.S.:

  • Give you the benefit of the doubt
  • Introduce you to their friends
  • Forgive you for your faults
  • Trust and value you and what you offer
  • Send referrals your way

When we connect our functional duties with a larger vision, we work with a greater sense of purpose and energy, and attract more interest . . . and more new business.

Stories build the foundation of our lives . . .

  • If you are the best man at your brother’s wedding, you better have a story or two in your pocket to share during the toast.
  • If you are giving a keynote at the local Chamber luncheon, you’ll want a local community success story to share.
  • If you are writing a non-fiction book to highlight your expertise, you’ll want to use the power of storytelling to make your points and offer a real-life connection for the reader.
  • If you are writing a children’s book or novel, the entire book IS the story.
  • If you are providing copy for your website or e-news, prove your point by adding in a SUPER story.


So the next time you find yourself in a conversation, and you’re asked, “What do you do?” . . . avoid the redundant WHAT and share your story around the WHO and the WHY . . . emphasizing the SUPER RELIEF you offer.

Stories create relationships and relationships help brands thrive.

If you are ready to tell your story, make an impact, and transform lives, we can help.

Send me an email and let’s schedule a time to talk about branding and publishing.

(. . . and remember to pick up your SUPER SUIT from the dry cleaners!)


I’ve been working with a client, Claire, who is positively in LOVE with what she does and absolutely KNOWS her topic.

. . . and THAT’S when the magic happens!

You see, we don’t work with just any body.

We work with people who are ready to
make a positive difference in this world.


Hearts, Darts, and Thunderbolts make the magic happen.

HEARTS. Our clients see the craziness we are living in right now and make it their personal mission to take a stand, lend a hand, and make a difference. They do not define nor segregate themselves by race, religion or nationality. They are global thinkers, feelers, healers, and helpers. Much like Claire, their passion is to UNITE, not divide.

She engages with HEART.


DARTS. Claire hired us to guide her through our Maximum-Impact PASSION, PURPOSE, & PROFIT Brand Program because she is ready to use her gifts to create meaningful change in the world. She recognizes it is time to take her business to the next level in order to make that happen. After helping her identify her purpose and clarify her target audience, she is ready to take aim and help more people using her unique set of talents and gifts.

She focuses and becomes the DART.


THUNDERBOLTS. The thunderbolts are the “aha moments” generated by our process. A thunderbolt moment usually comes with goosebumps and/or a quick breath of recognition that you are on the right path! Walking our clients through our PASSIONATE BRAND INTERVIEW is always an exciting time for each of us. Our interaction takes us down the path of discovery, releases “chaos, clutter, and confusion” and replaces it with “clarity, confidence, and connection.” As the thunderbolt “AHA” moments increase in frequency—much like the after-effects of a rainstorm—Claire becomes ever-more excited as the “old” washes away.

She welcomes the enlightenment which comes with a THUNDERBOLT.


Are you ready for Hearts, Darts & Thunderbolts?!

If you are like Claire and are ready to monetize your passion . . .
let’s schedule a time to talk.

I’d LOVE to show you how to take your helping, healing,
and transformational business to the next level.

As I watched the movie, The Lorax, this past weekend for the very first time, I fell in love with its message about planting seeds! January typically has us thinking about RE-solutions — a time for planting “thought seeds” to help us work better, feel better, and function better.

“When you plant a seed, it’s not about what it IS . . .
it’s about what it will BECOME!” — The
Lorax (via Dr. Seuss)

To help us plant our seeds for growth, many start their new year by reaching out to a personal or business coach for help. If you are thinking about writing a book, you would contact an Author Consultant, a Book Coach, a Publishing Mentor, a Book Shepherd or someone with a similar title.

Recently, it seems like just about everyone who has self-published a book claims to be an expert at teaching you how to write a book. In the wild-wild-world of self-publishing, there are a lot of people out there who are willing to share what they know, based upon their own experiences. But, there’s a HUGE difference between hiring an Author Consultant/Book Coach and hiring someone who has recently self-published one or two books.

You may be able to get some great advice from these novices, but they are only able to give you advice based on their own limited experience.

Sadly, I meet a lot of authors who say things like, “My neighbor just published her first book and she said ________________ ” (fill in the blank).

I can literally feel my heart sink as they begin to tell me the UN-professional advice they followed, thinking it would help them save money or time. I can see it in their eyes and hear it in their voice . . . following this person’s advice has cost them money and time, with little or nothing to show.

An EXPERIENCED Author Consultant, on the other hand, will help you . . .

  • Minimize your investment
  • Maximize your return on royalties
  • Retain 100% of your profits
  • Secure ownership of your copyright
  • Access global distribution
  • Avoid self-publishing pitfalls

Ready to chat with THAT kind of book coach?

Give me a call. I’m an experienced branding expert and after many years in corporate marketing, I’ve spent the past 15 years growing our own business. I’m known for my combination of brand strategy, business-growth mindset, and my highly-intuitive radar for identifying your unique position for both your brand and your message (aka: your book).

Jack (my husband) joined me in 2008, and along with our team of hand-selected creatives, we have a solid track record of helping service professionals and solo-preneurs use the power of publishing to:

  • Establish Credibility
  • Attract More Clients
  • Monetize Your Passion

Let us help you plant the seed which will BECOME more than “just a book.”

Join the hundreds of other authors (well over 300) throughout the US and around the globe who call us first for our one-on-one hand-holding.

Ready to make the rest of 2019 amazing?

Click here to schedule a time to talk with me!

I can’t wait to help you save time and money . . . and reduce your overall level of stress!

Although most authors don’t ask quite so bluntly, they ALL want to know how to recoup their initial investment when hiring someone to help them publish their book.

I have the exact same conversation with each author:

“It’s not about how well your book sells . . .
It’s ALL about how well your book sells YOU!”

Imagine your newly-published book in your hands. Fresh off the press, the aroma of fresh ink and newly-printed paper wafts through the room.

Now What?

Just because you “build it,” there is no guarantee “they will come.” Yes, your book will be available via and wherever books are sold . . . BUT . . .

  • Are you willing to step out into the public eye and speak?
  • What programs are you willing to develop around your book to help grow your business?
  • Can you identify potential collaborative businesses with whom you can partner and build programs which will help promote your services?

Your book is merely a high-end branding tool to market your business. Please don’t see it as the solution to your retirement plan.

If you are ready to learn more about how a book can highlight you and your business, give me a call, 888-598-0886.

We help you minimize your investment . . . AND maximize your impact . . . AND we hold your hand throughout the process (figuratively, unless you really want us to hold your hand).

If you’re anything like me, you’re feeling a mixture of excitement and fear coming up now that 2019 is here. 

There are still LOTS of bills to be paid, let alone new GOALS to be set . . . AND MET!

You are committed to making 2019 AMAZING . . . and we can help!

When you join our next anthology, “Living Well: Positive Perspectives on Creating a Life Worth Living,” BEFORE JANUARY 15th, you get 2018 pricing! Publish date will be just in time for Mother’s Day, 2019!

If you’ve been thinking about writing a book, but may not be sure where to start —



“I LOVED how easy they made the process!”


Maximize Your Impact & Reduce Expenses Through Collaboration

TAKE A TIP-TOE INTO THE PUBLISHING POND. An anthology is simply a collection of essays with a common theme and provides you the chance to be a published author — without the financial expense or time involved in writing an entire book on your own. Through the process of collaboration, more people learn about you and your unique offerings, at a greatly reduced price.

“Writing my chapter gave me the confidence
to finish writing my own book!”


Attract More Clients, Help More People, and Monetize Your Passion

POSITION YOURSELF AS THE EXPERT. As a contributing author to the anthology, you’ll spread your message and share your unique offerings through your own individualized chapter, while you expand your “tribe” and inspire others.


“Promoting my book with the other authors gave me the
opportunity to be introduced to all of THEIR contacts!”


Your business involves helping others and you are at the
forefront of making things happen for the greater good.


As a life coach, mentor, therapist, physician, educator, speaker, or other
professional service provider, a book helps you engage a larger audience.

  • Establish Your Credibility
  • Inspire More People
  • Project a Professional Image
  • Develop Greater Visibility
  • Attract, Retain and Solidify Your Client Base


Contact Cathy to reserve your chapter and learn more about our next anthology, “Living Well: Positive Perspectives on Creating a Life Worth Living.”

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No matter your celebration of choice, the winter holidays are in full-swing, much to the delight of children . . . while many adults find themselves frantically checking off items on their To-Do lists.


I’m just as guilty as the next person with my own To-Do list. It’s not uncommon for me to “DO” myself into a frenzy during December, and end up catching some sort of bug (YEP – happened again this year!) . . . which in turn, slows me down.

One would think I’d figure out to stop “DO-ing” that . . . BEFORE I get sick.


So, during this Season of Giving, I’m sure I’m not the first to wonder . . .

What if there was a “Season for Being?”

What would that look like? I bet there’d be a beach involved. Temperatures in the 70’s. Warm ocean breezes wafting by. I can hear the waves crashing on the shoreline as it frames a golden sunset on the horizon.

I would BE:

  • Relaxed
  • NOT LOOKING for my To-Do list
  • NOT CONCERNED about time/deadlines, nor the next phone call/meeting
  • Reading a book (one made from paper, neatly tucked into a well-designed cover‑of course!)

OK. So I think I finally GET IT.
NOW is the time to plan for next December. It’s time to give myself the Gift of Being.

I love what I do, and I love helping our clients share their wisdom with the world . . .

But, next year, we’re going to GET IT ALL DONE before the holidays so WE CAN ALL focus on the Season of Being . . . whatever that means to YOU . . . time for yourself or time with others . . . or BOTH.


A Sad Winter’s Tale
(Adapted to the tune of “Let it Snow”)
© December 2018,

Oh, the cover outside is frightful,
And the copy inside is typo’d.
How little did this author know,
Shouting, “Let it go, let it go, let it go!”

He chose no editor for choppin’-
Out words not needed, nor poppin’.
He set his sights way down low,
Shouting, “Let it go, let it go, let it go!”

His mostly-bad copy does not read well,
And he just doesn’t see that it’s not gonna sell.
His first impression is a bad one to show,
As he shouts, “Let it go, let it go, let it go!”

We wanted him to publish and shine,
How we hate it when books are this bad.
The author’s convinced, “It’s fine!”
But, all the way home, we’ll be sad!

Our excitement is slowly dyin’
Cuz, my dear, we’d only be lyin’
If we say this book’s best in show.
So, we must “Let it go, let it go, let it go!”

Oh, the cover outside is frightful.
And the copy inside is typo’d.
How little did this author know,
Shouting, “Let it go, let it go, let it go!”

If you keep asking yourself whether or not you need to write a book, the answer is, “YES!”

  1. Expand your reach beyond your current city/state/region/country.  If you want to expand your business beyond its current reach, a published book gives you a national platform. Today’s technology allows you to help clients around the corner, AND around the world.
  2. Solidify your brand with a professionally-produced book. Your book is one component of a strong brand, and if not done correctly, can backfire. If your book looks or reads as if written by a 5th grader (no offense meant to 5th graders) or comes across in ANY way as unprofessional, you automatically diminish the positive impact of your brand. Writing a BAD book is worse than not writing one at all.
  3. Increase Your Trust-ability. People buy from those whom they trust. Reading your professionally-written and designed book is the next best thing to meeting you in person. Your book allows someone to get to know you better and helps to create relationships beyond your current networking circles.
  4. Become a recognized AUTHOR-ity and establish/expand your credibility. There is no coincidence that AUTHOR is the root-word of AUTHORITY. If you are a professional service provider (accountant, financial service rep, lawyer, life coach, therapist, etc.) you get instant expertise status when you write a book and are immediately seen as the expert you truly are.
  5. Expand or create a movement. You’ve built your business by following your PASSION, aligning your PURPOSE, and aiming for those PROFITS. Whether you are FOR profit, or NON-profit, helping others is your mission. Writing a book to highlight your passion is the best way to call attention to your specific movement, enlist the interest of others, and motivate the masses to support you on your journey to helping others.

One of the questions I get asked by EVERY author is, “How do I launch my book?”  

No two authors (let alone no two books) are ever alike, but the one thing they always have in common is the excitement around FINALLY publishing their book. It’s human nature to want to share the excitement with family, friends, followers, and potential new readers!

Start sharing the excitement around your book long before your book is available on or
in bookstores . . .

  1. Take to social media and share the latest happenings at least once a week . . . “Today, I met with my editor and we . . .” “Next week I’ll be receiving my Foreword from . . .”
  2. Use the 3-D and flat images you received from your book designer to build excitement about your book through your e-news and social media.
  3. Add your 3-D image to the back of your business card as a conversation starter.
  4. You can also ask your designer to make you a NEW business card in the shape of a bookmark and start handing those out at networking events.
  5. Have a 3” button made of your new book cover and wear it to networking events.
  6. Share the endorsements (via social media) you’ll be using on your cover and/or inside your book and cross-promote the people who are endorsing you.
  7. Set a date for your local book launch and start mapping out the details of the event.
    • Draft your invitation list and determine how many books you need to have pre-printed.
    • Will you have both paperback and hardback books available?
    • Where will you have your launch party?
    • What will be your menu?
    • How much will you charge for admission to your launch party/networking event?
    • Designate a nonprofit for the proceeds.
    • Send private (or not-so-private) invitations to your guest list.
    • Designate an RSVP date so you know your headcount.
    • Pre-sign all pre-purchased books and wrap with a ribbon and name tag for the recipient.
    • Have a few extra books on hand for people to buy (just in case).
    • Mingle with your guests and let someone else handout all the books while a second person monitors the food and beverage table.
    • ENJOY THE CELEBRATION of your amazing accomplishment!