“I have Bill’s book . . . I didn’t know he self-published . . .
it looks like it came from Random House . . . YOU GUYS ARE GOOD!”

Your book is an integral part of your brand and if it comes across as “slapped together” overnight by wanna-be experts, your business will suffer. Just because your neighbor’s college sophomore is a Journalism major does not mean they can edit a book manuscript for mass public distribution. If the reader cannot easily sail through the first chapter, they will not finish the book, let alone recommend your book to anyone else!

ASK PROFESSIONALS FOR HELP: If you are in the process of self-publishing, and you want professional results, you need a team of experts to make that happen.

We are working with Author “Pat” who tells us, “Yes, my book has been professionally edited, and it is ready for layout. All I want is a proofreader to review the final layout to be sure the footnotes match the appendix, the captions match the photos and such.”

The layout is complete (with over 50 photos and captions) and we send a PDF of the book to one of our professional proofreaders.

300 edits later, “Pat” is paying us to edit the final layout, costing “Pat” twice as much as it would have to hire a professional editor in the first place.

(NOTE: please don’t ignore what a professional editor tells you and change everything back to the way you had it. We try very hard to keep your “author voice” intact while elevating your writing to a professional level. If you are targeting a professional audience, you want your writing to “speak their language.”)


It’s our job to make you look good and get noticed (in a good way).
YOUR job is to LET US make that happen.

For additional information about how we help authors, speakers, trainers, and other professionals make a great impression and NOT LOOK SELF-PUBLISHED, give me a shout! Our team LOVES helping you put the puzzle pieces together! You can EMAIL ME HERE.

If you know anything about me, you know my brain works in acronyms. More often than not, I’m in the audience at one of our author’s events as they are speaking to the crowd. My brain kicks into gear and starts culling their info into program titles for them to host as future webinars. It just happens. I have no clue how to stop it. I always come prepared with paper and pen to take notes of these random brain sparks to share with them after their talk.

So, as I’m standing in line at a local coffee shop the other day, I hear the couple behind me lamenting over the current political climate in the US. One is adamantly stating her position while the other continues to point out all the negative repercussions from her perspective. They are not arguing, but rather having a civil debate — both looking for an answer to a seemingly unsolvable problem. They agree with each other’s opinions, they agree something needs to be done, and they agree it’s time to take action and do SOMETHING to move things in a positive direction.

My “acronym brain” kicks into gear . . .

I realize they had both reached their Adamant Negative Turning-point (A.N.T.). They were fed up and motivated to take action. And sometimes, that’s what it takes. We have to find our A.N.T. in order to be motivated to want change.

Just like the trail of ants leading to the “sweet stuff” of crumbs under a table, A.N.T.s lead us into action, which leads us into finding a better way of doing things. The exciting part is that when we share our Adamant Negative Turning-point (A.N.T.), we find others who have similar A.N.T.s, and together we can change the world!

If, like many of our authors, you have lived through (and survived to tell!) your own A.N.T. story, perhaps it is time to share your knowledge and your wisdom.

After all, ants are known to move mountains!

To learn more about how we can help you find your voice, share your story, and make a difference in this world, contact Cathy.

Ted-X. The Moth.

Both GREAT resources for hearing fantastic stories and experiencing life-changing moments!

Two years ago, I had the opportunity to attend a weekend speaker’s workshop in NY and spend one of the afternoons under the tutelage of a Moth producer. If you are not familiar with The Moth, you can find it on NPR, and according to their website, The Moth is true stories, told live and without notes. We celebrate the ability of true, personal storytelling to illuminate both the diversity and commonality of human experience.”

One of the best take-ways from the workshop was something I refer to quite often as the “Hand Outline.”

Whether I’m preparing for a speech, facilitating a workshop, or writing a blog, this Hand Outline formula helps me get my thoughts organized.

The fun part is that if I need to stretch my time on stage, or lengthen my written article, I simply add in extra fingers . . . another supporting story and point. If I’m short on time or space, I delete a finger!

As we begin the writing process for our next anthology (collection of essays), we share this with the authors as a great starting point for their chapters.  The Hand Outline is just one of the ways we help our authors navigate the sometimes-fearful waters of becoming an author.

If you’ve always wanted to be a published author, but are not sure where to start, start with ONE chapter in the upcoming anthology, “Fearless and Fabulous: Finding Your Way through Midlife and Beyond.”

We only have a few chapters still available, and our Amazon Bestseller launch is April 28th! Now is the time to check “Published Author” off of your bucket list and let us help you write that first chapter!


You are a writer and are eager to be a published author.
You have a book manuscript and are ready for a big-league publisher to hand you a contract and turn you into a best-seller.
You have spent the last year-or-so reaching out to book agents and getting no response.

You have watched the frustration of other authors as they continue to get agent rejections, and you are tired of waiting.

You are ready to step into the Self-Publishing arena and get your book published!

It’s really not that difficult, especially when you work with a mentor who has helped authors across the globe write, design, and publish over 200 books. No matter where you are on our publishing journey, we can help you, too.

We break it down to a simple, five-step process and make sure you get started on the best next step for YOU.
  1. POLISH. Your manuscript should be completed and polished. Whether your book is merely an idea, or you’ve barely started, or you have a completed manuscript, our vetted team of ghostwriters, writing coaches, editors, and proofreaders stand ready to help you polish your book, no matter where you are in the writing process.
  2. PLAN. In the world of Authors-as-Publishers, not only do we help you think through the planning of the business structure for your publishing company, we help you identify and develop your Author Brand Platform. We want you to start thinking NOW about how to promote and market your book – not wait until you have your printed book in hand to ask about marketing.
  3. PRODUCE. You’ll need to decide how to produce your book – if your book will be shared with the world as an e-book, paperback, hardback, and/or audiobook. We discuss the pros, cons, and cost of each method and help you with pricing and distribution options. Our seasoned professional book designers help you with color, fonts, images and more. We make sure your cover and interiors not only help sell the book but make it easy to read so the reader finishes the book and gives you a great review!
  4. PUBLISH. There is SO MUCH more to self-publishing than merely getting your book on Amazon. We educate you on the best industry practices and align you with optimized global distribution resources. You no longer need to print thousands (nor hundreds) of books to get the best pricing and printing.
  5. PROMOTE. The marketing message for your book begins while your book is in editing. By the time you are having your first order of books printed, your message becomes one of celebration! Based upon your plans and budget, by this stage, we have introduced you to vetted resources who can help with everything from websites, social media, and events to Amazon Bestseller Campaigns and national publicity.
It’s not about how well your book sells . . .
it’s ALL about how well your book SELLS YOU!©

As Concierge Publishing Consultants, our book designs rival those produced by any of the top five publishing houses. With hundreds of books in our portfolio to-date, we help you retain 100% of your profits, access global distribution, and avoid self-publishing pitfalls. We specialize in helping non-fiction authors, specifically the HELPERS, HEALERS, and the HOW-TO-DO-ers. We are also well-known for producing children’s books, memoirs, cookbooks, workbooks, novels, and young adult fiction novels.

No matter where you are on your journey, our publishing consultants, writing coaches, editors, and book designers are here to help you cross the finish line! 

Stop playing small. You know you don’t want to.

You KNOW you are ready to play BIGGER.

And remember . . .

It’s not about WHAT is holding you back . . . it’s all about WHO is holding you back.

YOU are the only thing holding yourself back.

I’ve been there . . . and I recently went there again . . . only long enough to recognize the landscape, turn my tuchus around, and high-tail it back to where I needed to be.

Funny thing about the Universe . . . once you finally claim what you want, and start making steps toward that goal, the Universe finds ways to support you . . . and magically, everything you need (yes, even including the $$) starts to appear out of nowhere.


JOIN ME and at least 20 other authors in the 2020 “Fearless and Fabulous” anthology. You only need to write ONE chapter . . . that’s ALL (and we help you write it)!

There are only 6 spots left . . . and one of them has your name on it.

Join us before March 1 and save $250!

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Questions? Reach out to Cathy for the answers.


Now is the time to add “Published Author” to your accomplishments.
NO . . . WAIT! Now is the time to add “Amazon Bestselling Author” to your accomplishments.

Contact Cathy to reserve your chapter.

You deserve it.

Who Says A Fish Can’t Sell?: True Tales From Top Salespeople

As a veteran salesman and first-time author, Jim Cornbleet’s book, “Who Says A Fish Can’t Sell?” is a reflection on his life as a salesman and the experiences of other top salespeople. He tells an entertaining tale of what it takes to be a great salesperson, offering an inside look at the process, and most importantly, key learnings.

The sales profession has been around roughly since the stone age. Archeologists have traced hunters trading for the best flint weapons and tools. No wonder that sales have long been studied, analyzed, and popularized in movies and literature—from “The Music Man” to “Death of a Salesman.” In “Who Says A Fish Can’t Sell?” Jim shares what qualities shape a great salesperson through stories about memorable catches and the ones that got away.

NOTE: Jim’s 7-year-old grandson drew the fish on the cover!


Lunch & Learns 2020


Our L&L theme for 2020 is “Inspiring Authors.” Each month, we’ll welcome guests who help authors by sharing what they K.N.O.W.: K is for Knowledge, N is for New Ideas, O is for Opportunities for Success, and W is for Wisdom Shared.

Let’s face it . . . authors are writers and are typically afraid of the word “sales.” How can we be more at ease with “Sales” and sell more books? . . .

Join Cathy as she and author Jim Cornbleet discuss all things “Sales” on Thursday, January 23, 2020, at 11:30 am Central.


Around 20 years ago, while navigating thru my “corporate” period, I found myself on a flight to somewhere, sitting next to a Disney Imagineer. What I remember most about the conversation is that, much like a 4-year-old, I asked a thousand questions about what his job was like.

I was enthralled with the concept of working for Disney, let alone getting to be called an “Imagineer!” That conversation was more than likely the “seed” which later motivated me to work for myself and leave the corporate world behind.

As I look back over 2019 and look forward to 2020, I’ve decided to claim this title of “Imagineer.” After all, an Imagineer . . .

  • Knows everything is possible
  • Finds ways to make things work
  • Uses the art of storytelling to make people happy
  • Adds music and play to brighten their days
  • Paints their world with rainbow colors
  • Turns dreams into reality
  • Follows their heart

I invite you to join me as an Imagineer of Life and let’s see what the next decade can bring!

A New Day. A New Year.
A New Way of Looking at Life!

As I reached for my wallet, I realized my debit card was missing, followed shortly thereafter by that sinking feeling of fear, dread, and anxiety. I immediately checked all the pockets of what I had worn the previous day as my mind raced through the last few places I had visited.

I narrowed it down, remembering I had gotten gas at the local QT less than 24 hours earlier. It must have slipped out of my pocket when I got back into the car.

Oh great. Visions of my debit card laying on the ground in a puddle of muddy snow and ice popped into my head as I decide to head back to that same QT. What were the odds that someone might actually have picked it up and turned it in to a cashier (or worse)? Perhaps I should simply rush to the bank and immediately cancel it.

Years ago, we were big fans of the TV sitcom, “The Office.” Steve Carrell had the main role of Michael Scott and Rainn Wilson played the earthy odd-duck, Dwight Schrute. One holiday episode highlighted Dwight bragging about “accidentally” hitting a duck with his car on the way to work. He exclaims, “It’s a Christmas Miracle!” as he eagerly drooled over his newly-gifted holiday feast. To this day, we still exclaim (tongue-in-cheek), “It’s a Christmas Miracle!” whenever we spot a coincidence or semblance of luck – no matter the time of year.

I decided to take my chance on the kindness of strangers and headed back to the QT. As I walked up to the nearest cashier, I asked, “This may be a crazy question, but did anyone happen to turn in a lost debit card yesterday afternoon?” After asking the requisite “name” and “color of card” questions, the cashier checked his register drawer and shouted, “Cathy Davis, come on down!” as he held up my debit card.

The guy in line behind me says, “It’s a Christmas Miracle!”

The kindness of strangers is Alive and Well in STL!

No matter what Holiday you celebrate this season,
may you always be blessed with an abundance of miracles!


Author Beth Thater-Maune recently released her book, Unlock Your Soul’s Purpose as an Amazon International Bestseller.

While on several spiritual retreats around the world, Beth experienced many visitations from God, Jesus, the Pleiadians, and other spirits of the Higher Realm. During one particular visit, standing in the Temple of Records with Jesus, Beth accepted the task of writing Unlock Your Soul’s Purpose in order to share with the world her experiences and the wisdom she was receiving.

This book guides readers to answer your Divine Calling, understand your life’s purpose and inner journey, and operate within the spirit realm. Beth encourages you to explore your spiritual and religious belief systems, to look at your life story in order to find the lessons there and to shine your inner light beyond the imaginable.

To join Beth, her family, and friends at her book launch in celebration, click HERE to attend. 

Click HERE to purchase Beth’s book in paperback, hardback or Kindle.




For the past 11 months, my selected word-for-the-year was “Treasure.” My intent was to be much more aware of the treasures in my life . . . family, health, humor, clients, etc. In reflection, I’d have to say that yes, 2019 was a treasure-filled year of experiences.

Overall, 2019 gave us quite a RUSH of new clients to welcome on board, with new books to help publish, and invaluable experiences in getting to know the authors and their books. Through our own internal efforts and those of our trusted referral partners, we are gratefully on target to have our biggest year yet.

But I also want to say a quick THANK YOU to those people and experiences which may not have necessarily been all that pleasant. LUCKILY, these were few and far-between, yet important lessons were included. The 3 most important lessons we learned were . . .

  1. Don’t sweat the small stuff . . . we heard this plenty of times before, but we needed to consciously incorporate it into daily living and working . . . and take time to NOT WORK.
  2. Start where you are . . . and don’t try to “catch up” . . . organize, prioritize, monetize. (Thank you Bill Prenatt.)
  3. The customer MAY NOT always be right . . . we learned to set better boundaries and not let the rare occasion of not being able to please someone ruin our day . . . week . . . year.

So, as we move into the Winter Holiday Season, it is with MUCH GRATITUDE that we THANK YOU for sharing 2019 with us. We have YOU, a member of our rainbow of clients from all across this planet, for whom we are eternally grateful to have in our lives.

May this Winter Holiday Season find you welcoming much JOY and HAPPINESS into your life!