"Engaging Experts: Your Guide to the People and Connections You Need to Go from Ordinary to Extraordinary"

Leverage the Power of Publishing to Stand Out in a Crowded Online Marketplace

Everyone has gone virtual in the last few months…and it’s completely changed the way experts, speakers, trainers, and consultants conduct business.

All of a sudden, we went from networking, traveling, and speaking on stages at in-person events, to watching everything get canceled.

The way we connect with our future clients may have changed, but there are still countless opportunities out there. Now, more than ever, you want an edge —  something extra to make you stand out.

And that’s where the additional title of “Bestselling Author” can hold power.

Enhance your credibility and expand your reach to existing and NEW clients by adding, "Bestselling Author" to your credentials.

Instead of sitting down to create an entire book, why not start with one chapter?


An anthology is simply a collection of essays with a common theme, providing you the chance to be a published author — without the financial expense or time involved in writing an entire book on your own.

Through the process of collaboration, more people learn about you and your unique offerings, at a greatly reduced price.

Reap the benefits of being published with a carefully crafted campaign and gain access to whole new audiences…all with writing a single chapter.

You'll even get the graphics, marketing campaigns, and a professionally published PDF of your own chapter to continue to promote yourself for years to come.

The power of publishing provides the opportunity to stand out, get noticed, and stay top-of-mind!



If you wanted to write your own book, hire trusted publishing partners to help you write and publish it, PLUS coordinate your Bestseller Campaign…you’re looking at a minimum $7000 investment.

But as a contributing author to an anthology, you get the same expanded-reach marketing campaign, PLUS all the benefits of a global launch…and you only need to write a single chapter!

Follow the Lead of Over 500 Published Authors.


With over 16 years in business and well over 300 books, more than 500 authors and experts have turned to us to maximize their reach and impact through the power of publishing.

Combined with decades of corporate branding experience, there’s no better option to get started with publishing your own book than a chapter in an anthology run by Creative Publishing Partners who know what they are doing. keep the copyright to your own words!


Not Sure What to Write About?


Potential clients love hearing about how you have helped someone else find solutions and solve problems.

What does your potential client wake up in the middle of the night worried about?

Share a story that SOLVES THOSE PROBLEMS and you are on your way to creating a relationship with that new client!

Attract more clients, help more people, and monetize your passion.


As a contributing author to the anthology, you’ll spread your message and share your unique offerings through your own individualized chapter, while you expand your “tribe” and inspire others.

You’ll be a part of a project and a book that sells you AND your business. Be the expert you are and be introduced to huge new audiences with the collaborative reach of an anthology. Your book is a marketing and branding tool, and we’ve been helping authors leverage this unique opportunity for over 15 years.

Now, it’s YOUR turn.

Inspire Others and Make a Difference.


As a life coach, mentor, therapist, physician, educator, speaker — or other service-provider — a professionally-published book helps you engage a larger audience and build your "tribe."

  • Establish Your Credibility
  • Inspire More People
  • Project a Professional Image
  • Develop Greater Visibility
  • Attract, Retain and Solidify Your Client Base

Make a BIG BUZZ and start 2021 with a bang! 

Our newest anthology is slated to go live at the end of January. The perfect time to reach new audiences as everyone has recovered from the holidays and are now eager to make an impact on their resolutions and goals.

Select from two levels of participation,
BIGGLY-ER ($697) OR BIGGEST ($1497)!

As part of the anthology, you get the big publishing benefits at the self-publishing prices.


Join the BIGGLY-ER BUZZ, $697

At the BIGGLY-ER BUZZ level, we’ll guide you through every step of the process to get published. ($2000 VALUE!)

As a BIGGLY-ER Buzz author, you'll…

Add “published author” to your credentials…instantly increasing your expert status and ability to get booked on virtual opportunities like podcasts and online summits.

Receive guidance from a professional writing coach — not sure what to write about…or even how to get started? You’ll receive two hours with our coach who specializes in helping people like you craft their chapter to highlight their expertise in a memorable way.

Take pride in having a professional cover and interior layout design of paperback and e-book…never worry about your book looking DIY. Professional level cover and interior design of your chapter and the whole book will build your credibility.

Gain access to a new network immediately…as an author in the anthology, you gain access to a private Facebook group with all of the authors. As part of the process, we also host a virtual meet-and-greet to facilitate meeting other experts for future collaboration. You’re not launching alone!


As part of the anthology, you’ll receive marketing campaign material for the launch and for you to use beyond to personally promote yourself. This includes:

  • 3-D and flat images of the book for your personal marketing purposes
  • Proven talking points and scripts for social media posts, blogs, and e-news
  • Mini e-book PDF of your chapter for marketing purposes/lead generation/relationship building
  • A pre-launch social media campaign meme
  •  “Top 100+ Book Marketing Ideas” (pre-launch, launch and post-launch)

Never worry about how to promote your book. You’ll get all the guidance you need for a global campaign! Here’s a sample of what you’ll receive:

  • Over 40,000 distribution points, including Amazon
  • Library and Bookstore access
  • Reduced-rate, authors-only distributor pricing on all book order


Bring A Friend DISCOUNT (BAF) and Save!
Invite a friend and you both save $97 each!
Contact our office to access your BAF discount.

INCLUDES Amazon Kindle Bestseller Campaign!

No launch would be complete without an Amazon launch to reach a global audience.

  • Pre-launch and day of the launch strategy calls. Discover exactly what to do before, during, and after you hit bestseller to leverage and maximize your campaign. Personalized strategy and timeline development for you and your powerful launch. Sample language and blurbs you can use in social media, emails, newsletters, and videos to build out and support our ebook launch.
  • Continuous Campaign Support: Personalized and dedicated support throughout your bestseller campaign (typically complete in 24-48 hours). Our marketing team and promotional partners come alongside you promoting and sharing throughout their combined reach of 10-million+ to support you and your book in becoming a best seller.
  • Media Exposure: Highlight article(s) about Engaging Experts in International e-Magazines.
  • Engaging Experts will launch and make you an Amazon Best Selling Author!

You'll have everything you need to write your chapter with confidence
and participate in a professional launch!

The new BIGGLY-ER BUZZ level now includes . . .

  • Your chapter plus the Amazon Bestseller Campaign
  • SIX free paperback books shipped directly to you
  • A highlight entry on the Engaging Authors Highlight Page with a dedicated social media marketing campaign. This includes your bio, photo, contacts links, and a link to your freebie(s) for further interaction with new followers, leading to the potential for long-term client relationships.
  • A 30-minute YouTube interview on the Creative Publishing Partners Channel for additional long-term reach and publicity


As an Engaging Experts contributing author, at either the new BIGGLY-ER or the BIGGEST level, you are also invited to participate in our 2021 Engaging Experts Speed Summit on Friday, February 5th from noon til 2pm CST!
We’ve offered this high-energy, online, Speed Summit with past anthologies,
and it’s a great way to highlight your business to new, potential clients.
Save the date in your calendar and be watching for additional information
about this exciting online event to help you showcase your business!

Create the BIGGEST BUZZ for only $1497!

Get the most comprehensive and team-supported media campaign with global networking opportunities.
(an additional $3000 VALUE!)

Includes everything in the


  • TWO more additional hours of one-on-one time with our Professional Writing Coach (a total of 4 hours)
  • TWELVE free paperback books shipped directly to you


  • Targeted Full-Page Exposure in Engaging Experts e-magazine: inclusion of your audience-ready full-page author/speaker one-sheet, in collaboration with  Add your call-to-action to encourage prospective clients to reach out and hire you in 2021 and beyond. (Additional fees may be incurred if you need a new or updated one-sheet.)


  • Global Distribution to Over 317,000+ executives, decision-makers, event professionals, and media.You and your Engaging Experts e-magazine full-page insert will also be found in resource libraries, inboxes, newsletters, media, blogs, articles, RSS feeds, newswires, Tweets, LinkedIn notifications, Facebook posts, and more around the world.

Need more info about how to get started? CLICK HERE!



Bring A Friend DISCOUNT (BAF) and Save!
Invite a friend and you both save $97 each!
Contact our office to access your BAF discount.


What we need from you . . .

  • NOW 
    • Your commitment to the project deadlines and signed contract reserves your chapter and secures your chapter sequence. 
    • Your commitment to participate in helping to promote the book via social media and your contact list.
    • Invite your friends and colleagues to join us and you each receive the BAF Discount!
    • Please invite your friends and colleagues to join us with one of the few remaining chapters – and take advantage of the BIGGLY-ER (and more) promotional benefits! Have them email or please do an email introduction so they (and you) receive their BAF discount!
    • You should currently be working with Kay on your FINAL chapter.
    • You still have time to upgrade to the BIGGEST BUZZ LEVEL; deadline is end-of-day, December 15th, 2020. Contact to make that happen!
    • If you have not already done so, please forward your professional full-color headshot to Julie.
    • Be watching for a personalized social media meme for you to use during our social media blitz, beginning December 14th.
    • Monday, December 14th, 10am CST, Amazon Bestseller Campaign pre-event promotion call with Rebecca. You’ll receive your pre-written talking points to use in your social media feeds.
    • FINAL chapter is due, 12-15-20.
    • You will receive a DRAFT PDF of your chapter to approve.
    • Approve the final PDF of your chapter and place your order with Julie for personal copies of the book.
    JANUARY 2021
    • Monday, January 25th, 11am CST, Amazon Bestseller Campaign pre-launch call with Rebecca.
    • Your commitment to participate in helping to promote the Online Amazon Bestseller Campaign / Kindle launch via social media and your contact list
    • Day-of-campaign visibility on social media, sharing, liking, loving and all that social media interaction throughout the day
    • Paperback goes live and book orders are placed for shipment to authors.
    FEBRUARY 2021
    • Friday, February 12th, NOON – 1:30 pm CST, the Engaging Experts Speed-Summit (watch for more info)