“Living the INNERGIZED Life — Transforming Ordinary Moments into Extra-Ordinary Memories” includes stories by women who have found a way to transcend the craziness of day-to-day living, choosing to navigate life by connecting to what they define as their Higher Power, Inner Knowing or God-Source.

It’s not about one particular belief system or particular religion, but rather about how an inner guidance system, uniquely defined by each woman, becomes their own individual source of undeniable INNER ENERGY… allowing them to function at a much higher, INNERGIZED level on a daily basis.

Join us as we learn from their experiences, and feel free to reach out to any of them to continue the conversation. You’ll find their contact information at the end of each of their chapters.

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Cathy Davis is the CEO of Davis Creative, a branding services agency headquartered in St Louis, MO, specializing in brand strategy, graphic design and independent publishing. With clients in all 50 states, Davis Creative is known for helping purpose-driven clients Look Good, Attract More Clients and Monetize Their Passion.

As a professional branding and author consultant, books and publishing have always been an integral part of Cathy’s life—from making them as a student in college, to working for a major book retailer after college, to collecting them for her personal library. A former board member of the St. Louis Publisher’s Association, she began introducing her clients to the power of self-publishing in 2005. cathy@DavisCreative.com



Kelly DeRossett is a proud lifelong St. Louis native. She graduated the University of Missouri-Columbia with a dual degree in Marketing & Business Logistics. She worked in a variety of industries in sales and marketing earning multiple awards & recognition for outstanding sales and customer satisfaction. Passionate about sharing her knowledge with others Kelly traveled the country as a national speaker. When love knocked and wedding bells rang she retired off the road and founded Activate Social Media in 2014.

As a boutique social media and marketing firm, Kelly provides clients with marketing strategies that align with their business goals. Kelly and her wife, Jonnie, enjoy traveling and have a bucket list (partially complete) full of adventures near & far. The family is complete with four children & one very spoiled dachshund, Maddie. activatesocialmedia.comkelly@ActivateSocialMedia.com,


Karen O. Drake is a globally-experienced consultant and executive coach, with a reputation for innovation and creative problem solving. A skillful communicator, experienced speaker, and energetic facilitator, Karen relishes opportunities to engage diverse leaders and groups by increasing their confidence and agility to deliver exceptional results and experience greater personal satisfaction in their lives.
Karen has a Bachelor & Master’s degree in Psychology, and is certified to administer and interpret the MBTI, Inventory for Work Attitude & Motivation (iWAM), Leadership Effectiveness Analysis (LEA 360), and the LAB Profile®; a psycho-metric instrument to understand, predict and influence behavior, which can help you decode what motivates the people you need to influence. Karen is credentialed by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and is a member of the Advisory Board of The North American Institute for Work Attitude & Motivation (iWAM). karenodrake.comkaren@KarenODrake.com


Marilyn Eagen assists people in navigating change and challenges with ease and peace. Her business, Harmony Healthcare, uses an individualized and integrative approach in a gentle and spiritual way to assist you in moving forward on your journey. Marilyn is a Shaman, Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, Women’s Energy Coach, Certified Life Coach, and a Reiki Master Teacher in Usui, Karuna, Holy Fire and Celestial Reiki. She is also trained in many other modalities and utilizes them whenever it is appropriate. Marilyn is available to teach classes, speak at your gathering, and for Shamanic clearings, journeys and ceremonies. She is also schedules private, one-on-one sessions (in-office or via phone).

Marilyn owns The Peace Place, a community cottage, available for energy gatherings, classes and workshops. Her Individual Journey program at The Peace Place gives you access to walk the labyrinth, use the Bio-mat, meditate, and other personal-growth activities, supporting you on your journey. Marilyn also created a DVD, available via download on her website, full of “do-along” energy exercises, assisting you in your own daily practice. You can view a sampling of the DVD here: http://www.marilyneagen.com/the4essentialsvi.html, marilyneagen.com,  me@MarilynEagen.com


Brenda A. Fraser is a jewelry designer and owner of “Butterfly & Moon”, a women’s fashion and jewelry boutique in historic Saint Charles, MO. She makes jewelry with beads from Africa, Australia, and other places she has visited. She is also known as a mosaic artist, using vintage jewelry pieces to create uplifting works of art on metal and wood. She hosted “Alive to Thrive” for 5+ years on Blogtalk Radio.

Brenda is a member of Zonta International and a Club Past President. She was a Beyond the Best winner named by Streetscape Magazine. In 2017-2018, Brenda serves as Deputy Treasurer for a Missouri State Senate campaign. butterflyandmoon.coButterflyandMoon@gmail.com



Dr. Jayne Gardner is a Thought Leader with a distinct philosophy of self-help, ethical living and mind-power metaphysics. Dr. Jayne believes that thought can radically transform circumstances. When people move their minds, they move their world. The Divine Intelligence Process became successful only because she first tested it out in her own life and then in the lives of hundreds of clients.

Dr. Jayne presents seminars and workshops all over the United States, including many prestigious groups, such as the International Coach Federation, Centers for Spiritual Living, Unity Churches, and the Young Presidents Organization. She has presented her system for personal coaching on CNN’s Business Unusual, as well as made several appearances on the Good Morning Texas in response to current events. She is the author of “Divine Intelligence: A Scientific Process to Awaken the Creator Within”. The Second Edition is now available on Amazon.com and everywhere books are sold.

She graduated with a Ph.D. from the University of North Texas in counseling psychology and is also a graduate of the Executive Coaching program at the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). She is certified by the International Coach Federation as a Master Certified Coach (MCC), a designation awarded to fewer than 400 coaches worldwide. She has been on the faculty at Texas Christian University (TCU) and UTD and has coached Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) students at UTD. She owns her own coach training company called The Divine Intelligence Institute. divineintelligenceinstitute.comdrjayne@DivineIntelligenceInstitute.com


Gail Gates is the storyteller and award-winning photographer of Agingschmaging.com, a place dedicated to the wonders of aging as women. Returning to college in midlife, scared sh**less, she realized there were many women also questioning their new “second-half” identities, voices, and creative fires. After obtaining her Masters of Liberal Studies, she began profiling women through stories and photographs. Her focus is on women who have the courage to find their happiness regardless of cultural norms and pressures.

She lives in Minnesota with her “please-don’t-write-about-me-again husband,” Tad, a plant-destroying Siberian Husky, Booker, and two rescue cats, Pudgy and Giese, who remain stubbornly oblivious that they needed rescuing. agingschmaging.comgatega1958@msn.com



Beth Hammock is the founder of Beth Hammock Philanthropy, and helps nonprofit organizations raise more money for their missions. She advises leaders on fundraising campaigns and creates compelling campaign collateral including publications, websites and videos. In addition to her career success, Beth raised four children as a single mom.

Beth began her career as a TV news producer. When her family doubled with the birth of twins in 1996, she changed careers and began working in public relations. She served in PR roles for several large, high profile organizations including the Kansas City School District, the Missouri Attorney General’s Office and the University of Missouri, Columbia. From 2010 to 2014, Beth was vice president, strategic communications and marketing for the University of Montana Foundation in Missoula, Montana. Beth returned to Missouri in 2014 to serve as editor of Daily Word magazine. She has edited several spiritual books and is a guest speaker at Unity churches.

Beth’s client list includes Powell Gardens, Kansas City’s botanical garden, the UMKC Foundation, UMKC Honors College, University of Central Missouri Alumni Foundation, University of Alaska Fairbanks, University of Alaska Foundation, and the International Brotherhood of Magicians. bethhammock.combeth@BethHammock.com


Lisa Hautly is a health education specialist, creating functional wellness programs that address priority health areas for individuals and organizations. As an author, speaker, and wellness coach, Lisa shares strategies on whole health, workplace wellness, and purposeful aging, based on the following principles:

  • Wellbeing occurs at the intersection of physical, mental, social, intellectual, and spiritual health.
  • There’s no mystery to healthy, purposeful aging, attainable by improving our environment and daily health habits.
  • Wellness occurs on a continuum. Every choice is either making us more healthy or less healthy.

Lisa currently serves as chair of the St. Louis County Older Adult Commission. She also serves on the board of Mental Health America of Eastern Missouri and the Spirit of Women’s Health Advisory Board. She received the 2015 Healthy Women Award from St. Luke’s Hospital for her commitment to personal and community health. She holds a BA in Public Relations, an MA in Media Communications, and is currently working on her dissertation for a doctorate in Health Education. Her ideal day includes family, sunshine, and a paddle board. lisahautlywellness.com lisa@LisaHautlyWellness.com


Theresa Jeevanjee teaches mathematics and computer science for MEGSSS (Mathematics Education for Gifted Secondary School Students) and computer science at Nerinx Hall High School. She enjoys running, painting, cooking, and taking ballet classes. She is an associate in the CSJ (Congregation of St. Joseph) community and is active in two prayer groups.

Her volunteer work includes tutoring mathematics and helping with the theatre and chorus costumes for Nerinx Hall. She and her husband live in Webster Groves, Missouri, with their adult children, Ryan, Kiran, and Lauren, and their two dogs, Ebony and Kuki. faithandrelentlesslove.com FaithAndRelentlessLove@gmail.com



Rev. Denise Judd lives in St. Louis, Missouri with her young Australian Shepard, Echo. She currently works in the IT field and is also a speaker, teacher, counselor and writer of spiritual principles and practices focusing on compassion, meditation and mindfulness. It is her dream to begin writing and teaching full-time because that is what makes her heart soar, being of service and reminding others of their inherent beauty.

Her most recent projects are a 6-week class she created called, “What’s Your Story” and her first novel which will be published in 2018. “What’s Your Story” helps participants become more aware of the “story” they have been living that impact their lives and relationships. The course allows for a greater understanding by delving deeper into the beliefs and patterns that have been automatic reactions and shifting them to conscious responses that create a life that an individual really wants. Her first novel (with the working title: Taking The Long Way Home – An inward journey from hopelessness to freedom) is about a young girl who experiences trauma in childhood and in present day, does not want to continue living. She finds her way back to herself on a 30-day backpacking adventure with others who have experienced trauma by unlocking the pain and beliefs she has carried through life of being unworthy or unloved. Though the book is fiction, it has many spiritual principles that have guided Denise through her life and brought her to a place of living a whole-hearted life. djudd0720@yahoo.com


Melissa Nickelson is a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® and Certified Mindset for Success Coach who works with clients in her private office in Fort Worth or via telephone. As a personal life coach, she specializes in working with those who are facing or considering life-changing choices. Her clients include those who are encountering everything from the process and fallout of divorce to career change to figuring out what’s next. Melissa focuses on helping clients “choose happy”…which often means determining what makes them happy and then what steps are needed to get there. “Life may make choices for us, but we’re never truly stuck; we always have options,” she says.

Melissa is the author of From Mrs. to Ms.: A Guide to Living Your Life During and After Divorce, The Family Law Attorney’s Guide to Understanding and Dealing With Client’s Emotions, and Thoughts Quotes and More Journal.

Melissa lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her husband, Gary, a family law attorney, and two slightly spoiled dogs. Melissa was a family law legal assistant for seventeen years before becoming a life coach and certified divorce coach. She has been divorced and knows firsthand the emotional roller coaster that follows. Melissa works with clients individually and in group sessions to help work through the pain associated with the emotional side of divorce. Her motto in life is: Choose Happy! Happiness is a choice. melissanickelson.comoffice@MelissaNickelson.com


Rev. Pat Powers is an Ordained Minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living.  She is Spiritual Director with Contemporary Spiritual Arts, a Ministry in St. Louis Missouri. Pat is a wedding officiate and facilitates workshops and weekend intensives, teaches classes, speaks to groups (both large and small), does personal coaching, is a fund-raiser/auctioneer, and has performed stand-up comedy and
sung the Blues for hundreds of conference attendees. Pat teaches a powerful, positive-thinking spiritual philosophy to the seeker, the “Cultural Creatives” who are looking for love, inspiration and fulfillment; and a way to leave the world a better place.  The Bridges Workshop, an Inner Child Weekend is scheduled throughout the year. Please check the website for more info.

Pat has been married to Art Licklider for many years. They have two grown children, and three grandchildren, so far. Life is good – All the time. revpatpowers.comrevpat@RevPatPowers.com


Shannon Schindler Redman is an International Business Coach and founder of the premier business program, “The Rise of Woman”. Shannon specializes in assisting passion-driven women to recognize bring their skills to the world and develop thriving businesses with international reach.

Shannon spent 18 years in corporate tax and accounting. She plunged into marketing and social media in October 2012. She successfully launched several community impact projects and a women’s networking organization. April 2014 Shannon reinvented herself in sales, marketing and coaching businesses. Since then she has become a multi-million-dollar producer, working part time, raising a daughter, and traveling the world.

Today Shannon works with both new and experienced business women, entrepreneurs, and network marketing professionals through online business coaching and direct sales. “Despite the fact my clients didn’t have any prior experience, they became rock stars in their own respective businesses, and producing their first million in sales with ease.” Applying relatable real-life experiences to coaching, Shannon assists transform the lives of passionate women who desire to bring their skills and business to the world, make an impact, follow their purpose, and create free and abundant lives. A speaker on several occasions for a variety of events including, the Unbelievable Women, Power Connection Network, Escape the 9 to 5 Grind Podcast, Richer Soul Podcasts and many more. shannonschindlerredman.comme@ShannonSchindlerRedman.com


Laurie Ritchie is a certified expressive art facilitator, intuitive practitioner and graduate from the Ohio State University in occupational therapy, specializing in mental health. She created her business, Whole Arts Connection, with the purpose of awakening others to their highest potential through re-connecting with their soul-driven creative energies. She believes in the transformative power of all the arts, allowing imagination, play and discovery to illuminate new perspectives not found through critical, analytical thinking. She specializes in life changes due to health, addiction, aging, grief/death for youth and adults. She is a spiritual seeker, writer, visual artist, gym rat, outdoor and adventure enthusiast, and play addict.

Join Laurie for Co-Create: a once-monthly, intention-themed, drop-in-basis Expressive Art Night, providing an opportunity to infuse a taste of Expressive Arts into your life, offering a bit of inspiration and awareness. Enjoy two hours of creative energy to instill quiet musing/listening, joy, exploration, and innovativeness. Or get in contact with her to schedule a session for your friends, co-workers, or family at a location of your choosing. For more in-depth personal work, transformational 1:1 sessions are available. wholeartsconnection.comlaurie@WholeArtsConnection.com


Carol Scott, PhD discovered the power of the 7 Treasures during her own recovery from years of childhood sexual assault. Then she discovered that this methodology based on early childhood development was beneficial to all walks of life—not just those with dysfunctional childhoods.

Carol’s successful career focuses on early childhood development and its impact on adults. For more than four decades, she has worked directly with thousands of children and adults, from the various perspectives of teacher, teacher educator, program director or agency CEO, presenter/trainer, and consultant. Her education includes a BA in Human Development and Family Life, BA in Anthropology, MA in Early Childhood Education, PhD in Developmental and Child Psychology.

At the intersection of her personal experience and professional insights about the first seven years of life, Carol found strategies that enable you to refresh, renew, resuscitate, and even revive your relationships and interactions, at home and at work. The 7 Childhood Treasures add impact as you learn and evolve as a person. The 7 Facets of Team Success bring personal power and perspective to your career and workplace. From a refreshing retreat for a workplace team, to a major overhaul of corporate culture, the 7 Facets bring a uniquely productive lens to business. For individuals in any stage of therapy, recovery, spiritual seeking, or other transformational journey, seeing life from the perspective of the 7 Treasures allows you to take your relationships and your life to the next level, and leave the struggle behind. lcarol.com,  Carol@LCarolScott.com


Cathy Sexton knows what it’s like to feel stressed, overwhelmed and burned out by trying to have it all. She’s lived it! And when she faced a life-threatening illness because of that lifestyle, she knew something needed to change. What changed for Cathy became not only the foundation for The Productivity Experts, but solutions and much-needed help for others still living with the struggle.

As a Productivity and Profit Specialist, speaker, author and coach, Cathy has made it her mission to help others IGNITE their productivity and streamline their lives. With a focus on understanding a person’s Natural Productivity Style and working within it, Cathy provides actionable, easily-implemented strategies that translate to the real world and real life. She teaches people how to take control of their thoughts, incorporate systems and processes, and find the tools that work for them, so they can create a more balanced, productive life they love, while increasing profits.

Cathy is the author of 52 Powerful Success Strategies to Ignite Productivity and a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA), The Network for Productivity Excellence, the National Chapter of Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), NAPO St. Louis Chapter, and the local chapter of American Society of Training and Development (ASTD). theproductivityexperts.comCathy@TheProductivityExperts.com


Dr. Julie Steinhauer is a developmental optometrist specializing in vision related learning problems, reading problems, computer vision syndrome, sports vision, and rehabilitative optometry. She is board certified in vision development as a Fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development. If you were to visit Dr. Steinhauer during a vision therapy session with one of her patients, it does not take long for you to realize she is passionate about working with children. Her shoes come off, she crawls on the floor, and she often races her young patients down the hallway to the VT room!

Dr. Steinhauer is a member of the Illinois Optometric Association, American Optometric Association, College of Optometrists in Vision Development, Optometric Extension Program, the College of Syntonic Optometry, and the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association. In addition to being President & CEO at Vision For Life, she is President of SWIOS - Southwestern IL Optometric Society, is a Coach and Mentor for Optometrists and Vision Therapists, runs multiple businesses online, and serves as a Coach and Mentor to online marketers.

Dr. Steinhauer has two amazing children, Emma and Ethan, who are sweet, silly, and sassy budding entrepreneurs even at their young ages. In her spare time, Dr. Steinhauer enjoys reading, gardening, hiking, playing cards, traveling, baking, decorating, and business building. Her true passion is helping other people shift their mindset, dream, and work towards financial and time freedom by casting a vision, setting goals, and developing action plans to dramatically improve their lives! visionforlifeworks.com,  drjulie@VisionForLifeWorks.com


Jeannie Krause-Taylor, MSW, LCSW, C-ASWCM founded Pathways for Aging in 2004 after more than 20 years of experience as a professional social worker because, she has seen the strain, frustration, and feelings of helplessness experienced by older adults, families and caregivers as they struggle with difficult changes in their roles and life-altering decisions related to aging.

Jeannie’s previous experience includes serving as the Social Work Manager for Barnes-Jewish Hospital, and Case Manager Supervisor with the St. Louis Regional Center for the Developmentally Disabled. Jeannie has also served as an Adjunct Faculty Member at Washington University in Saint Louis, where she instructed social work students seeking their Master’s Degree.

Active in the community and with professional organizations, Jeannie is the Past-President of the Board of Directors for Housing Options Provided for the Elderly (HOPE), and has served as an officer on the Board of the Gateway Chapter of the Older Women’s League (OWL). She is also an Advanced Professional Member of the Aging Life Care Association (ALCA), and a member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW). She served several terms on the Board of Directors for the Missouri Chapter of NASW. pathwaysforaging.comj.krausetaylor@PathwaysForAging.com


Pam Wilson is a writer, licensed Master Social Worker, Book Coach and creator/facilitator of Write ON! a community-based writing program that empowers participants to find their voice and inspire change in the world. See the work at: https://www.facebook.com/WriteONstlouis/

Her Book Coaching with Davis Creative began in January 2017; she is currently coaching three authors. She is also the Editor of the INNERgized Anthology to be published in October 2017. For fifteen years she wrote the S.O.S. From Suburbia column for “St. Louis Moms and Dads,” part of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The columns were about real life written in a relatable, humorous way. Find them at: http://www.stltoday.com/lifestyles/parenting. She has written pieces that appeared in St. Louis Magazine/Family edition both on-line and in print. She has written the “Off the Beaten Path” column for SwimBikeRun St. Louis chronicling her adventures in out of the ordinary exercise options.

In 2012, she self-published SOS from Suburbia, a compilation of humorous essays which supported her belief that a well-told, entertaining story about individuality and family was welcome and needed in our common community. She put the real back into reality with commentary on everyday life. Presently, she writes a blog about her oh-so-interesting life where she puts her unique spin on everyday happenings and the journey of being human at: https://youcallitchaosicallitlife.wordpress.com

Pam has raised two amazing kids over the last twenty years and calls them her greatest accomplishments. She loves to bike, read, travel and hike with her dog. One day she hopes to live on or near a beach. Previously she was a school social worker in the Special School District of St. Louis after earning a Masters of Social Work from Washington University. Her undergraduate degree is in Child and Family development from University of Missouri at Columbia. groovychickpjw@gmail.com and pam@daviscreative.com

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