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Living My tRuth
Meet the Authors

Living My tRuth


The “Living My tRuth: Personal Reflections on the Impact of the RBG Legacy” anthology is your chance to share how YOUR career, YOUR life, YOUR future has been affected by the legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

In her 87 and-a-half years, Ruth Bader Ginsburg left a significant mark on law, on feminism, and later in her life, on cultural significance. She also left a substantial mark on everyday life in America, helping to broaden the definition of “family” and the career paths for both women AND men. Her legacy continues through the lives that countless Americans are able to live today.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was more than a Supreme Court Judge…she was a leading lady who left her mark on law, feminism, and everyday life.






Patt Pickett  |  Why Can’t I?

Dr. Patt Pickett, SEICC, LMFT, MEd, PhD, known as The Marriage Whisperer®, is a Licensed Marriage/Family Therapist and certified emotional intelligence coach. For over 30 years, since resignation as a US probation officer, she offers therapy, coaching, consulting, educational services, and online assessments. She co-owns St. Louis Emotional Intelligence-HireCoach™, a mental health/wellness practice. Emotional intelligence, marriage/relationships, family, and communication are her specialties. Dr. Patt completed teacher licensure, emotional Intelligence coach certification, and Level 2 of the Gottman couple’s method.

Her latest book, “Keep Strong Together: Relationship Quotes for Adult Color-ing and Couples’ Workbook,” is part of her Relationship Keeper Series, a collec-tion including easy-read relationship books and card decks. Appearances include Facebook Live as “WiseAce360” and TV/radio/workshops.
Dr. Patt is known for expressing her “outside-the-box thinking” which prompts many to announce, “I never thought about it that way before.”
She and her husband enjoy their couple time. They have 5 children and 9 grandkids.

To contact Dr. Pickett and for more information about her services and the Rela-tionship Keeper Series of wellness resources—self-help books, coloring books, workbooks, cards, and podcasts/webinars—check out or she will be glad to hear directly from you by e-mail at


Carin Fahr Shulusky |  Swimming Up Stream

Carin Fahr Shulusky attended University of Missouri, Columbia, receiving a bachelor’s degree in journalism. After college she worked in advertising for GE Plastics and Monsanto.

After twenty-five years in marketing, Carin created her own firm, Market-ing Alliance. She served as president of the Business Marketing Association of St. Louis and received their Lifetime Achievement Award. Her professional and community organizations include the National Association of Press Women, Special Education Foundation, and Springboard.

Carin and her husband, Richard Shulusky, live in St. Louis and have two children: Christine Shulusky Blonn and Andrew Shulusky, and a granddaughter, Sophie Blonn.

Carin’s first book, In the Middle, was inspired by her own battle to care for her beloved mother, Dorothy Hoehne Fahr.

Carin is a lifelong member of Pathfinder Church in Ellisville, Missouri, where she has taught Sunday School and VBS. She has served on short-term missions to Belize ten time.


Diane Finnestead  |  The Little Engine That Could

Diane is thrilled to be a contributor to this anthology in tribute to Justice Gins-burg. From insurance to music teacher to elementary principal, Diane Ruth Fin-nestead returned to insurance in 2014. Recognized as a leading producer in life and health insurance nationwide for those under age sixty-five and those who are Medicare-eligible, Diane advocates health reform through National Associa-tion of Health Underwriters and serves on the St. Louis board, recruiting indus-try professionals who share the same passion for providing intelligent insurance options to their clients.

Diane credits her ability to help thousands of Americans over the past twenty years to find the right insurance due to her background and career in education. She holds a bachelor’s degree in music from the University of North Texas, a mas-ter’s degree in teaching, and a second master’s degree as an education specialist from Webster University. She also completed post-graduate work at the Univer-sity of Memphis and Northwestern University.


Diane Finnestead You Tube


Krystal Weigl  |  The Dissenter’s Hope

Krystal Weigl is a practicing attorney, writer, and daydreamer. She is a proud alumnus of Illinois State University and Syracuse College of Law; she credits each school’s mock trial programs for crafting her style of advocacy. Krystal has dedicated her career to making the law more accessible, approachable, and useful to those who need it. She’s passionate about making the legal profession a healthier and better place for its professionals. The highest client praise she’s received is that she’s “a different type of lawyer.”

Her time away from court is spent working on community initiatives to enhance equality and create opportunities where they’re lacking. Krystal writes fiction novels about hopeful, strong-willed women; works on her soon-to-be-launched wellness initiative for lawyers; and attempts golf. After moves to Syra-cuse, Washington, DC, and Chicago, Krystal settled with her husband, Andy, in her hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. (Go Cards!)



Twitter: @_Krystal_withaK
Instagram: krystalweigl


Christine Blonn  |  When There Are Nine

As a marketing professional for over ten years, Christine Blonn’s experience includes working for the Arts and Education Council of Greater St. Louis as a marketing consultant and for Chicago’s primary Public Broadcasting Station, WTTW, as a marketing project manager. During her career, she successfully managed the creation, development, production, and analysis of direct, promo-tional, and digital marketing campaigns. In addition, she managed multiple mar-keting communication channels, including direct mail, email, and sweepstakes promotions for brands such as Secret Deodorant, Old Spice, Olay, and Noxzema.

Christine holds both a bachelor of arts degree in English and history and a master’s degree in communication, specializing in journalism from Marquette University.

Christine and husband, Phil, welcomed their first child in 2013, a daughter named “Sophie.” In her free time, she loves cooking, reading, traveling, watching old movies, and, most importantly, spending time with her family.



Isabella Brown  |  Growing Up After Ginsburg

Isabella Brown is currently an undergraduate student at Northwestern University double-majoring in biology and creative writing. For the former, she plans to focus on genetics, then build a career in forensic biology. For the latter, she will focus on poetry and looks forward to composing throughout her life, with hopes to publish in the future. She is heavily involved in the Northwestern University Marching Band, where she plays trumpet, and is a staff manager and section leader.

Isabella lives in her hometown of Edwardsville, Illinois, with her mother and sister. She will soon reside in Evanston, Illinois, while she continues her studies.

Creative Writing Website:




Celeste Hartwell  |  Living in Divine Truth

After an eighteen-year career in corporate, Celeste Hartwell jumped off the ledge of safety and security into the unknown of entrepreneurship. She first fell into listening to well-intentioned people who guided her against her internal knowing of her own business. Then she learned to tune into her own internal guidance and created a business and life she adores.

Passionate about helping women, Celeste works with women to cultivate a relationship with their own intuition so they feel excited and energized about living a life without compromise and helps clients heal their relationship with money. Through the work of her company, Divine Feminine Leaders, women step out of overwhelm, guilt, and shame, to shine brightly, attracting all they desire.

Celeste hosts three podcasts: Divine Feminine Leaders, Divine Silence, and The Ease of Business. Join her on Create More Courage and Confidence—a free five-day experience at


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Barbara Joyce  | Allow and Trust the Process

Barbara Joyce is a women’s empowerment coach. Following her passion in per-sonal development, she empowers women to find their voices and take steps in creating the lives they desire.

No stranger to failure and disappointment, Barbara realizes much of being a coach is about lifting the client up and creating an atmosphere of trust. By creat-ing that atmosphere, Barbara helps women identify the pain points and obstacles that inhibit them. By addressing subconscious beliefs and habits, she helps clients expand who they are as individuals, create a stronger bond with what they already know to be true inside, and share their unique talents with the world. Barbara knows from personal experience that having that one person in life who we trust makes all the difference in the world. Barbara wants to be that person who guides her clients to freedom.


Heidi L. Martin |  RBG, NLB and HLM

Heidi L. Martin, CFP®, RICP® has worked in financial services since 1981 and uses her experience to assist clients in putting together financial puzzles to meet their goals. Heidi enjoys working with women and members of the LGBTQ com-munity in specialized areas, including retirement planning, investment planning, and risk management.

Heidi graduated with a BS in business administration from the University of Missouri–St. Louis with emphases in finance and marketing. She holds FINRA Series 6, 7, 63, and 65 securities registrations; is life, health- and long-term-care licensed; is a Certified Financial Planner® Practitioner and Retirement Income Certified Professional®; and is the secretary and Diversity Equity and Inclusion chair of the Greater St. Louis Chapter of the Financial Planning Association board.

Heidi enjoys an active outdoor life, diversity and education, and spending quality time with family and friends. She also likes traveling, swimming, cooking, and supporting and advocating for seniors, women, and the LGBTQ community.


Kari McGinness | Zedek, zedek, tirdof

Kari McGinness is forty-six years young, self-employed, fiercely independent, a free-thinker, and proud of her views and opinions. Women in her life helped her rid herself of the fear of honestly voicing who she is and what she believes. In her early adult years, Kari kept quiet about her beliefs and feelings for fear of upset-ting someone or the reaction she might receive from someone holding oppos-ing viewpoints. As she matured with age, mentally and emotionally, she learned others’ opinions of her matter nil.

When given the opportunity to contribute to this book, Kari cried tears of joy and still pinches herself to remind her that she was given the chance to write about the one lady who inspired her as much as her very own mother. Kari says she is one lucky woman.

Thank you, RBG, for the courage. Thank you, Madam Justice, for the strength you’ve projected on to so many.


Jenny Grace Morris  | Adopting New Viewpoints

Jenny Grace Morris is an author, voice actor, clarity coach, and mom. She began writing when asked to create speeches, presentations, and workshops for con-ferences and international summits. She also emcees for events and co-hosts the monthly meeting Write Your Book Right Now for Gateway to Dreams. She created a blog called “Ask Amazing Grace” for an online news source called “Wilmington Faith and Values,” which answered questions on faith and daily living. Though that news bureau no longer exists, the questions keep coming in, and so the blog continues.

Jenny’s favorite activity is creating voices for characters in books, scripts, and copy.



Kelly Nagle  |  Breaking Through Gender Barriers

An altruist at heart, Kelly Nagle, M.A. Political Science – United Nations and Global Policy, is motivated by fighting for social justice and empowering others. After eleven years fundraising, advocating for health equity, and implementing community health programs in the nonprofit sector, Kelly followed her passions into the entrepreneurial world.

Kelly is the co-founder of Teen Think Tank Project, a student-run policy insti-tute that develops policy frameworks for social justice issues and empowers stu-dents to become future changemakers.

She is also the founder of Uncharted. After emerging stronger, healthier, and happier from a devastating relationship, Kelly was motivated to help others find self-empowerment. Through Uncharted she helps clients build the skills to defy expectations and challenges and chart their own course to happiness.

Kelly holds an MA from Rutgers University in political science-United Nations and global policy and a BA in history from Loyola University Maryland.

Kelly lives in New Jersey and enjoys the love of her partner, Steve, and her dog, Penelope.


Rebecca Now  | Remember the Gentlemen

Rebecca is a communicator through her writing, podcasts, storytelling, and events. She claims affinity to all three waves of feminism, often joking that she “breathes is three centuries.” She reenacts nineteenth century feminist philoso-pher Elizabeth Cady Stanton. She came of age in the twentieth century during the Women’s Liberation movement. Now in the twenty-first century, Rebecca works to advance gender equality with renewed passion. Along with her reenactment of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Rebecca has been joined by Sojourner Truth and Susan B. Anthony reenactors, and they perform as a trio of monumental women of the nineteenth century.

Rebecca has a BA in women and gender studies and is a Distinguished Toast-master award recipient. She is a Chamber of Commerce executive in St. Louis County and produces a weekly podcast, “What’s UP Around Town.”

As a member of the National Women’s Political Caucus, she is currently involved in writing the history of the founding mothers of the St. Louis caucus.



Rev. Pat Powers  |  Agent of Change

Rev. Pat Powers, an ordained minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living, facil-itates workshops and weekend intensives, teaches classes, speaks to groups (both large and small), does personal coaching, performs weddings, is a fundraiser/auctioneer, has performed stand-up comedy, and sung the Blues for hundreds of conference attendees. Rev. Pat serves as a consultant and shepherds families through end-of-life conversations, leading to peaceful transitions. Celebrations of life and personalized memorials are her specialties.

Rev. Pat teaches a powerful, positive-thinking spiritual philosophy to the seekers of Truth, the “Cultural Creatives,” who are looking for love, inspiration and fulfillment, and a way to leave the world a better place.

Rev. Pat lives in the St. Louis metro area. She has two grown children and three grandchildren. Bella, the Rottweiler, keeps close guard.

Life is good—All the Time!

To schedule a conversation just call or text 636-577-5000


Alice Prince  |  Always Last in Line

Alice M. Prince, Ed.D., is a native of St. Louis, Missouri, and graduate of St. Louis University, where she received her bachelor of science degree. She went on to Webster University in St. Louis, where she obtained a master of arts in communi-cation management with an emphasis on crisis communication and a doctorate in educational leadership.

The recipient of multiple awards, including Economic Empowerment, Excel-lence in Workforce Development, Community Trailblazer, Phenomenal Woman Award, Women Who Inspire, and Phenomenal Women in Leadership, Dr. Prince serves on the board of directors for Catholic Charities, is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated, host and executive director of the Good Morning Saint Louis television show, and the CEO and president of Pathways United.

Dr. Prince is married to Carlton Prince, has three children, two dogs, and one granddog. She is a notable children’s author and loves to play the harp. She released a single on iTunes, “Issa Vibe.”