Living My tRuth: Personal Reflections on the Impact of the RBG Legacy

In her 87 and a half years, Ruth Bader Ginsburg left a significant mark on law, on feminism, and late in her life, on pop culture. She also left a significant mark on everyday life in America, helping to broaden the definition of "family" and the types of jobs women AND men are able to take. Her legacy is, in a way, the lives that countless Americans are able to live today.

You have been touched by RBG if you have . . .

  • Obtained a mortgage without a male cosigner
  • Opened a checking account without a male co-signer
  • Started a business without a male co-signer
  • Gotten a credit card without a male co-signer
  • Obtained a business loan without a male co-signer
  • Been hired for a job without gender-based discrimination
  • Obtained birth control without your husband's permission
  • Not been forced to provide proof of sterilization in order to apply for or retain employment
  • Received pension benefits equal to male co-workers
  • Received equal consideraiton to be an executor of your child's estate


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  • MARCH 2021
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  • APRIL 2021
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