Formerly known as Reluctant Entrepreneurs . . .

How a series of unfortunate circumstances and life challenges turn into a viable, profitable business to help other purpose-driven entrepreneurs and small business owners Look Good, Attract More Clients and Monetize their Passion.

Cathy Davis founded Davis Creative, LLC in January of 2004, after her second corporate downsizing within a span of three years. The bulk of her professional career was spent as Creative Director at TIAA-CREF and Bank of America (nee Boatmen’s / NationsBank), marketing Trust Services to high-net-worth clients.

Determined to NOT return to the high stress of working for a global corporation, Cathy made the decision to work for herself, providing brand consulting and graphic design services to a variety of entrepreneurs, small-business owners, and service-oriented professionals. The timing worked out great, as she soon found herself needing a flexible work schedule while transitioning her mother from living on her own into a nursing home residence. 

Cathy’s husband, Jack Davis, joined in her August of 2008, experiencing his own corporate downsizing after almost 20 years as an Art Director at Fleishman-Hillard Public Relations. With individual careers spanning over two decades, Cathy and Jack quickly recognized they had entered the zone of “too old to be newly hired” by a new company. Not seeing themselves as “old”, but definitely “experienced”, they were now viewed as “veteran marketing professionals”. At one point, Cathy remembers being introduced as “well seasoned” — as it became quite apparent the only way to continue generating an income would be by jumping full-throttle into the world of the self-employed.

Cathy vividly remembers the moment, sitting across from Jack at the dining room table, announcing, “Looks like we are doing this full time!” They literally had no clue how to start a business — let alone how to make the salary equivalents of their former careers. Having always been the “creatives”, they quickly found themselves floundering with a business plan based upon “hope and prayer”. 

It was time to create a new IDENTITY as Re-Energized Entrepreneurs.

Fast-forward 12 years, enduring several semesters enrolled in the “school of hard knocks”, Cathy knew there had to be a better way to run a business. No longer the “reluctant entrepreneurs”, they hired a business consultant, developed a solid business plan, a positive new perspective, and a double-dose of determination. 

As Re-Energized Entrepreneurs . . . Davis Creative now shares their “Lessons Learned” with other business owners who may find themselves in a similar situation of needing to create a new identity . . .

  • Cura Te Ipsum: “Heal Thyself” — Fix Our Brand; listen to what we tell our clients and do the same for ourselves.
  • Foggy Brands Breed Empty Bank Accounts — Step up, stand out and let yourself be seen.
  • Get Clear — Clarity of purpose, aligned with passion and determination, lead to increased profits.
  • It’s OK to Ask for Help — You don’t have to do this alone.
  • Build Your Network to Build Your Net Worth — Great solutions come from collaboration.
  • TODAY is your “One moment in time . . . when the answers are all up to me . . .”

Contact Cathy and learn to re-energize your brand identity: 

  • Identify, attract, retain and solidify your target audience
  • Create a distinct identity/market position
  • Project a professional, innovative image
  • Develop greater visibility of your mission, motivation and message
  • Distinguish your business from the competition

Davis Creative: Helping struggling entrepreneurs ACCENTUATE their brand identity, better RESONATE with their target audience, and ACCELERATE their income.