Power-Up Sponsor Anthology Publishing Program

Pairing Community & Collaboration to Ignite Business Growth

  • Establish Your Credibility
  • Inspire More People
  • Project a Professional Image
  • Develop Greater Visibility
  • Attract, Retain and Solidify Your Client Base

Imagine How Great it Would Feel to Attract More Followers,
Help More People, and Create an Additional Stream of Income

The Power-Up Anthology Publishing Program does just that!

We hold your hand and walk you through the process of using the POWER OF PUBLISHING to GROW YOUR BUSINESS! You get to offer additional value to your tribe of followers while creating an additional income source in the process.

As the Program Sponsor, you get to determine the details and logistics of YOUR book . . .

  • Develop the Anthology Program as an additional stream of income for your business, with your financial investment PAID BY THE AUTHORS.
  • Invite your hand-selected authors to submit ONE chapter in your published anthology
  • Designate your own price points for author participation, and/or use as an incentive to promote existing programs.
  • Develop greater visibility for your business and solidify your professional image in the entrepreneurial community.
  • Inspire and motivate more women business owners, help them expand their brand, and grow their businesses.

As the Program Sponsor, you receive benefits valued over $20,000 . . .

  • Step-by-step Concierge Publishing process guidance and mentoring, including account set-up with best-practice online vendors
  • Exclusive right to develop the theme, name the project, and title of the anthology book
  • Ability to pair this promo as a bonus for program sign-on
  • Anthology Contract to use with your authors
  • Customize your program details, features, and benefits in collaboration with Davis Creative (DC)
  • Brainstorm and collaborate on marketing ideas to help promote the Anthology with the “Top 100+ Book Marketing Ideas” (pre-launch, launch and post-launch)
  • Custom Cover & Interiors, including final approval of professional full-color cover and BW interior layout design (paperback and e-book)
  • Up to 25 total chapters
  • Three rounds of Anthology Sponsor revisions (or 3 hours total)
  • Professional proofreading (Chicago Manual of Style)
  • Over 40,000 distribution points, PLUS Amazon
  • Amazon E-book Bestseller Campaign
  • 3-D and flat images of the book for marketing purposes
  • Book pricing discussion/comparisons/recommendations
  • 100% royalties on all book sales
  • Training on how to order books “at cost” and how to price for resale to participating authors
  • Anthology Sponsor retains the copyright of their chapter/intro/foreword
  • See "Logistics & Protocol" for additional details (below)

As the Program Sponsor, your commitment includes . . .

  • Your agreement to promote the project and chapter sales to your pipeline, and promote the book via your media resources.
  • Your agreement to maintain project deadlines, including interaction with each contributing author, by reading each chapter and offering input with regards to content, brand and overall messaging.
  • Your agreement to encourage and mentor your authors to provide content, meet deadlines and participate in the marketing of the anthology.
  • Your agreement to provide access to author emails for direct interface with authors for project management throughout the program.
  • Your agreement to provide an intro chapter/foreword, along with a 250-word (max) bio with a professional, full-color headshot.
  • Your agreement to engage your authors and create excitement during the 6-month program lifetime

Maximize Your Impact & Reduce Expenses Through Collaboration

As the Program Sponsor, you provide an additional business-building opportunity for existing and prospective clients, offering them MORE exposure, MORE outreach, and MORE connections to new-referral and joint-venture partners.

Contributing Authors each receive benefits valued over $5,000 . . .

  • The chance to be a published author — without the financial expense or time involved in producing an entire book of their own
  • The opportunity to "test-drive" the Concierge Self-Publishing process
  • The ability to share their business and story to all of the other authors and THEIR contacts, allowing them to learn about each other and their unique offerings
  • Encouraged to offer their individual chapter on their websites as a free download, enabling them to acquire highly-qualified, interested-party email addresses for creating future relationships
  • The opportunity to add “published author” to your credentials
  • The opportunity to be involved with a professional publishing program
  • Two hours (per author/chapter) to work with a professional writing coach; (copy development beyond two hours may incur additional charges)
  • Professional cover and interior layout design of paperback and e-book 
  • Two rounds of author revisions and one round of professional editorial proofreading
  • Private Facebook group with all authors for sharing updates and ideas
  • A pre-launch social media campaign, launch party and book signing
  • 3-D and flat images of the book for your personal marketing purposes
  • Mini e-book PDF of their chapter for individual marketing purposes
  • Marketing copy blurbs for promoting your chapter and the book
  • Over 40,000 distribution points, including Amazon
  • (6) Complimentary copies of the book (exact amount determined by the Sponsor). Book copies provided to your authors (by you) as part of their program can be purchased by you at cost, typically ranges @ $4 - $5 each (B&W interiors).
  • Reduced-rate, authors-only wholesale pricing on future book orders
  • Each author retains the copyright of their own words and chapter

Logistics & Protocol

Professional Publishing Mentor: Ongoing hand-holding and conversations with Cathy, throughout the completion and publishing of your book.
Professional Creative Writing Coach: Each author receives 2 hours with one of our Professional Creative Writing Coaches. The cost of this service is included in our fee. Additional hours billed at $100/hour. 
Professional Editorial Proofreader: Each chapter will have a final read by our Professional Editorial Proofreader. This ensures a professional, cohesive "flow" to the entire book. The cost of this service is included in our fee. Additional hours billed at $100/hour. 
Concierge Preferred-Vendor Online Account Set-up: We establish you, the Anthology Sponsor, as an independent publisher, allowing you to keep 100% of your royalties, copyright, and profits. This program includes . . .
  • Publishing Q&A and pre-project mentoring conversations for best-practice decisions
  • Discussion regarding the naming of your independent publishing company
    • Anthology Sponsor is responsible for any legal set-up of a company (i.e., LCC formation, sales tax set up, etc.) which may require consultation with tax advisors – Davis Creative provides direction and consultation but we do not provide tax or legal advice. 
  • Set up ISBN account and purchase ISBNs under the established publishing company (client will be responsible for the fee – @ 1 for $125 or 10 for $295). You will need one ISBN for each format of your book. EXAMPLE: paperback, hardback and e-book = 3 ISBNs.
  • Library-approved copyright page (author’s choice)
    • “Generic” is free; there are no guarantees your book will be in libraries, but the possibility is there.
    • “Expedited” version is $95- $161 paid to a vetted vendor; they get your book listed into the US Library system and you have a greater chance that your book will be picked up by libraries. You still will need to contact each individual library in your local community with a flyer/promo card to let them know your book is available within their system.
  • Set up your account with Amazon/KDP (one point of distribution)
  • Set up your account with IngramSpark (40,000 additional global distribution resources)
  • Set up your account with preferred e-book conversion vendor (author’s choice)
    • Kindle only: KDP - Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon distribution)
    • IngramSpark e-books (25+ distribution points)
  • Amazon Best Seller Campaign* 
  • Provide as-needed, vetted resources for editing, design, illustration, photography, indexing, eBook conversion, proofreading, marketing, social media, public relations, etc., selecting the full team of publishing professionals to produce a high-quality book
  • Establish a timeline and budget based on the team selected and coordinate the team process
  • Discuss Industry-standard book size (you select from many size options; we guide you with “industry popular” input)
  • Evaluate and give feedback on design and layout conventions to maintain traditional publishing standards.
  • Upload to preferred vendors
  • Order sample books for author approval
  • Discuss and coordinate eBook conversion
  • Coordinate production of audio files for audio-edition of the book (as needed)
  • Discuss strategic pricing of the paperback, hardback, eBook and audio editions of the book
  • Assign and track ISBN numbers
  • Oversee the LCCN process, including appropriate copyright page layout for library acceptance
  • Prepare and provide standard verso (copyright) page information 
  • Register with Bowker Books in Print 
  • Set-up title with Amazon/KDP, upload designer-provided files and manage the proof process (physical proof/sample copy costs to be paid by author)
  • Set-up title with IngramSpark (IS), upload designer provided files and manage the proof process (additional IS fees for title setup and revision along with physical proof copies to be paid by author)
  • Convert final files for Kindle-only e-book Amazon Bestseller Campaign
  • Publish converted files to Amazon for Kindle (as needed)
  • Set up Amazon Author Central profile page (as needed)
  • File copy of the book with Library of Congress (filing fees to be paid by author)
  • Assist with copyright filing (may require additional legal counsel and filing fees)
  • Assist with Tax Exemption forms on Amazon and IS (you will also want to discuss with your CPA/accountant)
  • Teach Anthology Sponsor how to purchase their own books at cost

Professional Editing, Design, and Layout of Your Book: Our professional editors and designers guarantee your book will rival those produced by any of the top 5 traditional publishers. This step in the process includes . . . 

  • One round of professional editorial proofreading 
  • Layout & production of your paperback book
  • Custom front cover design (includes font and color discussion)
  • Custom back cover design, based upon approved front-cover
  • Use your art/photo or choose from a selection of stock photos & illustrations
  • Custom interior layout design
  • Book size discussion 
  • Book interior elements discussion (order of book “parts” such as Dedication, Acknowledgments, etc.)
  • Book pricing discussion
  • Library- and Retail-approved Copyright page
  • 6 rounds (or 6 hours) of Anthology Sponsor revisions (post-editor) during the layout/design of the book
  • Final print-ready art files uploaded to best-practice vendors
  • PDF files for e-book conversion through IngramSpark
  • 3-D and “flat” images of the book for marketing purposes
  • Unlimited text and emails
  • Unlimited extra hand-holding and “nudging” — as needed

The Power-Up Anthology Publishing Program becomes an additional source of income, giving you MORE profits as you invite MORE authors.

Sponsor Anthology Program Cost:

For books less than 60 pages, the fee is $100/page
For books up to 100 pages, the fee is $6000
For books over 100 pages, the fee is $12,500

The $12,500 level includes up to 25 sponsor-selected authors. Your break-even point is to sell 20 chapters at $700 each. Every additional sale you make is pure profit.

We help you do the math and price yourself for profit.

    • EXAMPLE: 20 authors at $700 each pays for the DC fee plus vendor expenses.
    • EXAMPLE: 20 Authors at $1000 each pays for the DC fee plus vendor expenses, PLUS over $9,000 profit FOR YOU! The first 10 registered/paid authors @ $1,000 each, covers the DC fee (10 x $1000 = $10,000).
  • All author payments are the responsibility of, and made out to, the Anthology Sponsor.
  • The Anthology Sponsor pays Davis Creative in 4 installments of $3,125 each, over a period of 4 months. This gives you time to engage additional authors in your anthology.
  • The *Amazon Bestseller Campaign is optional, and if chosen by the Sponsor, your 5th payment will be an additional $2,000 paid directly to our vetted vendor.
  • Copies of each Author’s Anthology Contract will be forwarded to DC (or shared via DocuSign) as author contracts are signed by Anthology Sponsor and Author.
  • See program contract for additional details

Additional Recommended Expenses Paid Directly to Vendors by Anthology Program Sponsor ($500 - $700):  

  • ISBNs: 1/$125 OR 10/$295 (you’ll need 2, paperback and e-book)
  • IngramSpark: 
    • Upload fees of $50 ($50 coupons available from DC)
    • .60 (60 cents) per page for e-book conversion fee; includes distribution to over 30 e-book channels
  • Amazon/KDP - No additional fees
  • Library of Congress Catalog Number (LCCN): $95 - $161
  • US Copyright fees, $75 - $125
  • Book copies provided to your authors as part of their program can be purchased by you at cost, typically ranges @ $4 - $5 each.


cathy@daviscreative.com or 888-598-0886