Our Client Commitment . . .

We help experts find their voice, share their stories, and publish books that connect people, create community and foster compassionate conversations to bring us together  — no matter the diversity of our faith, race, nationality, politics, or gender.

We remove ourselves from people, projects, and situations that create division, isolation, and separation.

It’s really that simple.

Our RIPPLES . . . Our Core Beliefs . . .

At Davis Creative, our mission is to “create positive ripples”, and our purpose is to help YOU (our clients) help more people.

RESPECT: We value diversity, unique perspectives, and positive experiences.

INTEGRITY: We take responsibility and do the right thing.

PASSION: We love working with people who are passionate about their business and about helping others.

PROMISE: We keep our word and make a commitment to support our clients’ best interests.

LEGACY: We give. We give back. We use the power of publishing to help our clients grow their business and create a legacy.

EXCELLENCE: We believe “Good Design is Good Business”, and good design encourages an atmosphere of excellence.

SHARING: A peaceful world starts with sharing a single smile.

To learn more about how we can help you Find Your Voice, Share Your Story, and Make a Difference, contact Cathy.