“Painting” said Pooh, “is like humming in color”

Handing someone a generic business card or marketing piece tells them your company is . . . well,  generic. 


Offering well-thought-out marketing materials (from business cards to website banners) tells your audience you are excited about and proud of what you do, and want to share what you know. It doesn’t matter whether you are a financial planner or a tattoo artist, utilizing color or black-and-white — how you “paint the picture” of your business creates your visual brand.

You become memorable.

Choosing color to represent your business is much more than picking your favorite color. Different colors evoke different subliminal psychological responses. That’s why hospitals traditionally don’t use orange, yet Home Depot does.

What message does your business “hum”?


Top 10 Mistakes Authors Make When Designing their Own Book Covers

YES. You really can tell a book by it’s cover. Never let bad book design define the story you want to tell.

If you can’t afford to hire a professional designer, be sure to avoid:

  1. Bad font choices (too big, too small, hard to read)
  2. Squeezing in too much info
  3. Uncomplimentary color choices
  4. The use of clip-art or stock photos
  5. Emulating or copying a “best-seller” cover
  6. The use of lo-res personal photography
  7. Blurring the emphasis between title and subtitle
  8. Not targeting your reader’s emotional commitment
  9. Letting your neighbor’s high-schooler design your cover
  10. The $99 online book cover design

When Typography Meets a Needle, a Thread and a Book

July 12, 2012     |   designtaxi.com ThreadBook

I have a life-long love of typography, books and fiber art, so when I ran across this story that combines ALL THREE into this one-of-a-kind handmade book, I was quite excited!

Poland-based artist Iwona Przybyla threaded string through sheets of paper to create a book that ‘pops-up’ letters of the alphabet.

The typography book, entitled ‘Kąt 90 stopni (90 degrees)‘, showcases the 26 letters of the English alphabet — each intricately sewn with light and dark blue string so that when the book opens at 90-degrees at any page, a 3D letter appears.

View the entire alphabet here . . .

Design Matters — especially if your business matters to you.

As we welcome 2012, and look back over 2011, we notice a trend in the types of projects that consistently come our way. With that in mind, we have renamed our e-news, “Design Matters,” where we will continue to share monthly “tips, trends and tales,” as they pertain to our three primary lines of business:

  1. DESIGN FOR BUSINESS. More than great graphic design, we help our clients create a great identity with strategic design concepts — from custom logos, to business marketing materials, to web-based graphics. With over 25 years experience (each) in working for for Fortune 100 and Fortune Top-10 corporations, we bring a global perspective with a micro-level insight to help their clients “Define, Design & Deliver” their message to their consumer.
  2. DESIGN FOR PUBLISHING. Great book design is more than ink on paper. We work with authors and publicists across the country to help design books that sell. As a certified Professional Author Consultant, Cathy serves as Publishing Project Manager, helping authors navigate the self-publishing process — from creating connections with ghost-writers and editors, through cover and interior design, through printing, marketing and promotion.
  3. DESIGN FOR LIFE. Planting Seeds of Positive Perspective at UPSIdaisy.com, this “one-time-hobby” website grew by leaps and bounds in 2011, and our custom designs were printed on a variety of products and shipped all around the world. Our messages of hope, inspiration and humor touched households in the US, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, the Solomon Islands, Italy, Portugal, Ireland and more!

We hope you continue to follow us we create positive ripples — be it around the corner or around the globe.