I was NOT happy.

My Mom had just lifted me out of the boat and now my feet were in the muck and mud. I can vividly remember the feeling of this strange, new substance oozing between my toes.

Get me out of here, FAST!

It was the flood of 1960 in northeast Oklahoma. The flood waters had not reached her home, but the only way to/from my grandmother’s house was by boat. I had just turned four and figured out very quickly, I DO NOT LIKE STRANGE substances touching my feet. What the camera does not show is how fast I ran towards the house, screaming.

Fast forward several decades, and I still DO NOT like being stuck in the muck — even metaphorically speaking.

Our business is growing, and although we are on target to double last year’s sales, I can still get caught up in the muck of temporary slow periods or hign-maintenance clients (no, not you).  When I step back into the muck, business slows down, clients tend to pay more slowly, and I have the tendency to isolate (not good) . . . or run towards the house screaming.

So how do I get back into the flow of clarity and Step Up, Step Out and Get Going?

  • I take the small, 1″ Post-its and start posting “gratitudes” all around the house
  • I catch up on returning phone calls and get current with emails
  • I pay a bill . . . even a small one . . . to let the Universe know I’m interested in the flow of money
  • I move to “receiving mode” . . . if I get a gift or an invitation, I accept it and say, “Thank You!”
  • I add “Sir” or “Ma’am” after every “Thank You!”
  • I ask for help with something I’ve been avoiding
  • I stop trying to “hold it together” . . . I let go of the “hold” . . . I surrender
  • I smile at strangers and open doors for everyone
  • I give away a perfect parking spot to a total stranger
  • I pay for the person behind me in the drive-through lane
  • I rest. I breathe.

And sometimes, I DO NO THING. I value my silence and my “alone time”. I sit (or lay) in silence with my eyes closed. Some call it meditation . . . I call it “plugging in”. It restores my energy, which allows me to better serve our clients.

I’m ALSO learning that when you run a business, the “muck” will always be there. How I choose to react to it is determined by me. If I don’t like to be in the muck, I’m learning to step out of it.

So, the next time you find yourself stuck in the “whatever” with your business, give me a call.

If you’re ready to STEP UP and STEP OUT of the muck, I can help you look good, STAND OUT and attract more clients.

This past weekend, I was a guest panelist during Monica Shah’s 3-day “Master Your Money” conference in Atlanta. As our time slot approached, I found myself nervous and apprehensive (always happens when doing something new in front of a couple-hundred strangers). Yet I knew once I stepped up onto the stage, my “Professional Cathy” brain would kick in and all would be well.

When preparing for speaking events, I use the acronym, “S.T.A.G.E.” to calm my nervous jitters:

  • S = SLOW DOWN. Remember to breathe.
  • T = TRUST THE PROCESS. You’ve done this before, you can do it again.
  • A = ACT AS IF. You were invited to participate because someone knew you would make a positive contribution. Just go do it.
  • G = GET GOING. One foot in front of the other — “. . . and soon you’ll be dancin’ out the door”. (I sometimes use this one at the dentist, as well.)
  • E = EXPECT THE BEST. You can do this.

Working with a business coach has allowed us to set-the-stage for building a better business.

As a member of the “Money Club Success Panel”, I was invited to share three things:

  1. Where was our business BEFORE we began working with Monica?
  2. How has our business changed over the past year?
  3. What encouragement can we offer to other small business owners?

Before we began working with Monica, we were riding the “Hope and Pray” roller-coaster with varying income extremes for WA-A-AY too many years. Deciding to work with Monica as our business coach gave us a PLAN, a PURPOSE and a way to project a PROFIT.

Within 9 months of consistently following her guidance, our confidence grew exponentially along-side our client list, and in 4 out of the last 5 months, we have doubled our income over last year’s numbers.

Whether working with a business coach, or following a different path, once you make a commitment to grow your business . . . just stay focused and do the work . . . you WILL see results.

Be willing to take the next-best-step for YOU.

How are YOU setting the stage for your business to succeed?